1. Why didn’t she just finish the whole name by calling him Mubarack HOSEINN!!! Osama? (They always emphasize the middle name when they say it).

    So help me, if I see one more sarcastic blue and red “HOPE” style parody poster or a Hitler mustache on anyone but Hitler or Charlie Chaplin…
    He’s the President. Accept it.

  2. Seems a stretch to claim that “Mubarak Obama” is to link Obama to being Muslim. 1) Mubarak is a dictator in world news a lot lately. 2) Mubarak sounds kinda like Barack (as in Obama’s first name) with a Mu- prepended. It seems the most likely explanation for “Mubarak Obama” is a play on words to link Obama with being a dictator (which the Faux News speaker is self-admittedly doing).

    The Bush reference is to counter the claim that Obama is a dictator. The speaker is implying that 1) Bush was not a dictator (maybe…); 2) Obama got even more votes to be president than Bush did in either 2000 or 2004; 3) Therefore, Obama is less a dictator/more democratically elected than Bush.

    Clearly Lawrence O’Donnell has beautiful thoughts.

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