1. At first I was just going to make some snarky comment on how I wasn’t going to waste 13:53 minutes of my time listening to Chomsky bolster up the idiots on the right by being an idiot on the left. Oh, well, I watched it and that’s 13:53 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. And Noam, bless his heart, proved me right again.

    1. “an idiot on the left”: What exactly did Chomsky say that would support you calling him that? I listened carefully to every thing he said. Other than a too facile equivalence between the federal employee pay freeze with tax increases, everything he said is quite well supported by the facts.

      Or did you just roll your eyes every time he took the side of the average people over that of the billionaire fat-cats who crashed the financial system, and simply ignored what he said? Was it that his tone did not include the mandatory working class groveling required of the mainstream press of anyone without the backing of those same billionaires? Because in terms of facts, you can”t really fault Chomsky here.

      So you’ve just gone ahead and proven my initial comments. The Right likes to dump on Chomsky; but you’d be hard pressed to find one righty who could even describe his position anywhere close to accurately.

    2. Who, Chomsky? Oh yeah, total idiot. I can`t believe this dumbfuck is the most important linguist in world`s history, he`s just clueless.

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