Overlooked by Many

Buses are for socialists anyway:

MADISON, Wis. — Madison’s Metro bus system could see big changes under the governor’s budget repair bill.

The city’s transit system would have two options if the governor’s bill passes.

Either the system must be completely restructured, or lose $45 million in federal funding.

The situation came about because federal law requires collective bargaining rights on wages, pensions and working conditions for that aid. City officials say this detail is something that was overlooked by many.


  1. The new GOP transportation plan: busses to the wall!

    Real ‘murrikans drive piggy SUVs and GI geebus will always provide his chosen lots of gas.

    Everyone else walks. Parasites.

  2. Walker was the county executive here in Milwaukee before he was the governor, and his favorite punching bag was public transportation. His plan to cut the budget included moves like reducing access to buses in poor areas and (surprise!) destroying the union.

    p.s. fuck you, scott walker.

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