1. He reminds me of our cat, Rakkitty Koon. Rakkitty was an orange tabby, and at his peak, he was 25 pounds of gorgeous cat. I think maybe 5 pounds of it was fur. And amen to the vacuum cleaner remark.

  2. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guest that Cynic-Kitty has quite a bit of Maine Coon Cat goin’ on. Lotsa fluff and “rub mah belly!” in those.

    /has an MC cat and he’s a trip.

  3. A friend of mine had a cat that looked just like cynikitty, he wasn’t all that bright but he was pretty sweet so it kind of worked out. I spent many a night crashed on a couch with that cat lying somewhere on or near me. Often he’d wake me up by stepping on my dangly bits but it was kind of hard to be mad at him…most of the time. He’s still alive, my friend just had to give him up because of financial constraints, I think his mom ended up taking it.

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