1. The fat host just babbled at him. It would have been more interesting if he would have let the caller talk.

    The caller seemed very honest and good-natured, and too smart to believe what he believed. If they would have made it more of a two-way conversation they could have probably could have really made him question his belief in that garbage.

      1. Every time the caller spoke he became aware of how silly his beliefs were. These guys could have truly schooled him if they just let him talk and did a point/counter-point.

        It’s like the fat host guy had years of angst on his chest and he finally found someone that would listen without interrupting. But instead of giving the caller (and the audience) an enlightening discussion, the host chose to babble until no one was able to listen and the caller hung up. It was a missed opportunity.

        The host could have given the caller a little rope at a time and let him hang himself on every silly belief – one at a time.

  2. That was pretty damn awesome. I do wonder what the caller took away from it though. He seemed aware of how tenuous his responses were as he floundered. But is he really questioning his faith, or just stumped?

  3. So glad to have this cogent and succinct argument against the irrationality of religion. Now I can make a cheat-sheet to keep by the door for when the Jehovah’s come calling next! And I can make copies and hand it to them as they try to escape; I’ll call it “The Twat’s Tower.” ‘Cause I love combining religious smackdowns w/vulvular humor.

  4. Religion absolutely divides families. It literally split mine in half and my siblings and I jumped ship from that side because those family members chose to be more religious and judge us for who we are. We ran as fast as we could away from them.

  5. I realize it’s late and nobody might respond, but I’m curious as to how many people are actually offended when told by Christians that they’re going to Hell. It’s like water off a duck’s back with me, because the notion of a specially constructed place of eternal suffering is perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of Christianity when all is said and done.

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