• OC

    and he only knows that Korea is bad because thousands of Anons tried to send him there, and ill always refer to Ozzy on the Bieber issue

  • You will kneel before Bieber, son of Jor-El!!!!! (Sweet Flying Spaghetti Monster that hurt to type out.)

  • Circe

    He’s really a Palin at heart.

  • sCaT

    Good thing he is Canadian and not American…

  • DJRJ00

    We of Canada are truly sorry for unleashing Bieber Fever on the world, and shall continue to be until he becomes an adult and his fangirls leave him for a fresh source of sustenance.

    • Rampage_Rick

      I concur, however I don’t recall ever hearing an apology from Tulsa, Oklahoma for the likes of Hanson…

  • Morbid Swiss

    Now, I’m not a fan (by any means) of Justin Beiber, but I think it might be good to keep in mind that he’s just some 16 year old kid…

  • Mike K

    In that same article he also said, “I’ll never be an American citizen. You guys are evil. Canada is the best country in the world.”

    Soon enough he’ll realize that sharing volatile opinions will come back to bite him. But, like Morbid Swiss said, he’s only 16.

  • Top cat

    has anyone seen the clip where he has no idea what “German” means, and says it s a phrase people dont use where he comes from?

  • mrclam

    He’s an idiot, but at least he took the opportunity to dis the stupidity of US healthcare:

    “Canada’s the best country in the world. We go to the doctor and we don’t need to worry about paying him, but here, your whole life, you’re broke because of medical bills.”

    We now have 3 million teenage girls who are in support of healthcare overhaul…

  • guestspeaker

    It’s great that he is pulled out of full-time school for his singing career. The tutor seems to be doing a bang-up job…

  • Rocketmagnet

    While I’m not a fan of JB, I do think it’s unfair that people always quote his worst quotes, forgetting the fact that he’s just 16! Who ever had an opinion about politics aged only 16? Yeah, right, well you should have gone outside to play more.

    He actually said some things I agree with, like the paparazzi are evil, money is empty, about his inspiration, that other people’s homosexuality is none of his business.