What’s the creepiest thing you’ve seen or heard in real life?

Reddit provides some bedtime reading:

I had a friend who lived in a house with a three friends in college. He’s sleeping in his room, and its in the middle of the night. He kind of wakes up and hears something, but just figures its the wind or the cat and goes back to sleep. A few minutes later he wakes up again to hear someone softly whispering in a soft, quiet voice “help me”. He opens his eyes and sees this lady with crazy eyes standing over him, with blood dripping out of her nose on him.

Needless to say, he freaks out, jumps out of bed screaming, and runs out of the room waking his roommates as he goes. Everyone wakes up and they call the police, and eventually the story starts to become clear. The lady was tripping out on something bad, she knew she had to ask for help somewhere but wasn’t in a state of mind to know how to go about it. For whatever reason, their house wasn’t locked that night and so she was able to come in and try and ask for help.

And here is the part that creeps me out the most. They followed the trail of blood which she was bleeding out of her nose back out of my friend’s room, and find that it led into each of the other bedrooms, stopping at the bedsides. So all of the other roommates had this lady whispering “help me” while they were sleeping, without waking them up.


  1. Creepiest sound… a failing ice maker in a refrigerator/freezer. The water leading into the system had a leak, and somehow, with all the inner workings of this thing, it made a sound like a person choking on their last breath before drowning… or how I would image it, anyway. It seriously sounded like a person dying with a mouthful of water.

  2. Heard of this story about a lady driving in the middle of nowhere surrounded by cornfield. She comes upon a car pulled off to the side of the road and a man laying in the road. She slows, stops and stares at it, she checks her cell phone, no service etc. Decides this isn’t right and drives around the body. As she drives away, she can see in her rear view mirror that the “body” gets up and another 5 people come out of the cornfield…..

    1. I actually did come up on a car… flipped over, on it’s roof… in the middle of the mountains, middle of the night and no cell phone coverage. I did stop, with my headlights on the car. Was afraid to look, thinking I’d see a mangled half-alive body with no way for me to call for help. Found no body, blood or anything, even after calling out into the dark. Drove another 10 miles until I got to cell phone coverage. Called the police and reported it. End of story.

  3. Back when I first moved out on my own, I heard some scratching under my house. Something was moving around under there. After a couple of hours it started growling, screeching, and banging up against my floor. I figured out later that it was just some raccoons or possums fighting, but at the time it scared the hell out of me.

  4. Early last Thursday around 2AM I woke up because I smelled smoke (the electrical burning kind) So first thought, my house is on fire. This place is about 40 years old, wiring’s a bit iffy, and I’ve got a couple electric heaters. Anyways, after a minute or two I realized that since my smoke detector hadn’t gone off yet it couldn’t be dangerous yet, so I went to look for the source. Turns out the compressor in my fridge had seized and the protection device didn’t work 100%. Once I knew what it was I wasn’t worried, but when I first woke up I was planning for possible escape out the window, and how to rescue my computer towers before the fire department arrived (sad but true…)

    Further reading on the original Reddit thread has a few laughs. A couple entries down there’s a post about “Pop Up Pirates” in a communal pit toilet…

  5. As a 6 year old (round about) I was told the story of Bloody Mary by cousins and if you’d go in a bathroom and turn your back to the mirror and say her name three times, “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary” she’d appear with her kitchen knife and maybe kill you.

    If I didn’t do this, as a child, I would be chastised. This was creepy, but not as much as accidentally seeing my college roommate and his disgusting girlfriend go at it…. ewe – lock the f’ng door!!!!!

  6. The creepiest thing that I ever experienced was when a 4 year old child said to me “David….. you will die all alone…… in a dark, cold place”, all earnest like.

    My friends found this highly amusing. I didn’t.

    1. I had a girlfriend in highschool who’s neice would say things like that. She would also tell the creepiest stories I’ve ever heard, and she was like four years old. She’ll probably be famous one day, or infamous.

  7. I was camping in the south with my friend years ago. We had been driving all day, and it was getting dark as we were setting camp. suddenly this guy is at the edge of the camp site. He said the typical stuff people say to someone they just met, “How are you guys?” “Where are you from?” but something just felt odd about it. It was like he was nervous, and it definitly had an effect on us. Also, he would periodically shine his light on our stuff. Then he asked if we had seen any park rangers around.He said he didn’t want to be bothered by anyone. I think I said we saw one earlier, but I really had not.He asked a few more times about rangers, and sounded more agitated each time, like he knew I was lying, and he did not like it. I just wanted the guy to leave. Finally he did, but it didn’t relieve the situation. We were seriously debating leaving, but we were exhausted, and there was nowhere to go. My friend was almost going into hysterics. She thought for sure he was going to come back and do something crazy. I had the same fears. I went to bed with a folding military shovel, she had a maglight. There wasn’t much sleep that night.
    The next morning, he showed up again as we were breaking camp down. “Hey, sorry about last night. I wasn’t trying to be weird, but I’ve been having trouble with my girl, so I took acid last night and came here to think. I come here sometimes to clear my head.” Then he gave us a joint and left.

  8. Got a knock on my door when we lived in FL.

    A retired guy wearing nothing but a Speedo and a pair of glasses held on by an elastic strap and holding a 5′ sickle smiled his best Jack Nicholson and said,

    “I’m looking for blondie!”


    The neighbor had gone nuts. He was imagining that I was moving the wooden fence between the houses back and forth.

    1. That is scary. Nothing more terrifying than the moment you realize someone is acting paranoid and not thinking rationally, and you are the one they are paranoid about.

  9. My mother came to my house one night and asked if she could stay. The sheriff had come to her (somewhat isolated) farm about 15 miles away and said they were looking for a fugitive that was seen cutting across her pasture and wanted to let her know they’d be searching outside in the dark. She said fine, she was just leaving. We made a bed for her, and in the middle of the night, the dog wanted in, the cat wanted out, the baby wanted to be fed, my husband turned the TV on… it was typical for us. Mom got up and left, saying she’d rather take her chances at home.

  10. My niece is two years old and autistic. She is only now using some words, but for a while, she would babble, making whatever noise fascinated her, “beeee!” or “thickathickathickathicka” or something like that. Once, when I was alone with her, she very distinctly said “I’ll kill you,” and hugged me.

  11. Oh, and one time, I was driving around with my cousin. It was dark and raining–typical spooky shit. Off in the distance, just off the side of the road, I saw a shape. It was white and fluttery, like a sheet on a clothesline, but with a rounded, head-shaped form on top. It hovered a foot or two off the ground, but bobbed up and down slowly. The closer we got, the more it looked like a cartoon ghost.

    Just as we zoomed past it, where a face would be on the cartoon ghost, there was a face. We both gasped, apparently thinking the same thing, and then simultaneously pieced together the information to figure out it was a guy in a poncho.

  12. Had a friend back in college who had just moved in from town for his freshman year. They didn’t lock the door to their apartment – like most kids, fresh out of their parents house, they forgot. And of course, they got robbed. My friend woke up with his pocket knife open next to him as a “Hello” from the thieves. They started locking their doors.

  13. I married a woman who had a young daughter and we all moved into a house. I did not know that she sometimes did sleepwalking.

    I woke up in the middle of the night one night; I don’t know why; and found the daughter standing right next to our bed, staring at my face.

    I freaked out for a second then asked her what she wanted. she said nothing so I got out of bed and walked her back to her bed. my wife never woke up.

    I talked to both of them the next morning and my daughter had no memory of it and my wife said sorry she sometimes sleepwalks.

    I was worried for a while that she would sleepwalk one night and hurt herself or someone else but she seemed to outgrow it.

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