1. That is amazing. I wish there was a way to save and listen to other peoples though. Mine sounded kinda cool, but I am sure there are some people with more talent and spare time then me.

  1. What I do when I am not enjoying the wonder called Cynical-C:
    I just started doing a pod cast. Very immature and explicit.
    It was a rough start because I have never done anything like this before, but they are getting better as we go.

    Also I make fun stuff from old vinyl records. I have been for 2 years now in my spare time to make a few extra bucks. Check it out.

    Ahhh shameless advertising tastes so sweet.

  2. Going to Las Vegas soon and wondered if anybody had any suggestions/tips on where to eat that’s good and reasonably priced.
    Tips on things to avoid would also be helpful. Seeing a few shows on this “girl’s trip” (never had such an outing before) but sadly, I don’t think they are the Penn and Teller sort.

    1. You’ve come to the right place.

      My favorite reasonably priced place is The Peppermill. The food is adequate but the ambience is awesome in a cheesy vegas way with neon everywhere. It’s on the strip but next to the Riviera so it’s not in a great section.

      If you must do a buffet, spend the extra money and do one of the top tier ones. Bellagio, Wynn, Mirage (Cravings) and Spice Market (Planet Hollywood). You can get a cheaper buffet but the food is awful. These are still reasonably priced and the food is actually really good.

      Stay away from the Time Share people. They’re the ones who will be trying to give away free shows. They’re not free unless you don’t mind spending hours in a high pressure sales meeting.

      Also, the monorail is hideously expensive. If you’re going with a group, it’s probably best to just grab a cab at any hotel entrance.

      For shows, P & T are great but I really loved Cirque’s Mystere and Love. O is good but it is the most expensive.

    2. If you like sushi, I highly suggest taking a little trip off of the strip (you can catch a bus and it’s a super quick ride). There’s a place called Makino that has a cheap sushi buffet that is amazing. There’s also a chocolate fountain! We ate until we nearly went blind. There’s a sushi buffet at Paris but it was way overpriced and nothing special.

    3. If you’re at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, across the street is the German Hofbräuhaus. It’s a recreation of the the German beer hall in Munich and fun if you like that sort of thing. It’s also not a casino, so you get away from the ding-ding-ding for a bit and there’s no cigarette smoke, which is nice to escape.

      Also, if you happen to be off the strip and see a pet store, go in. They have monkeys and all kinds of stuff you don’t normally see for sale.

    4. Thanks for all the info. It will be a good trip- we are celebrating the survival of a friend who survived cancer at the same time her teenage son and mother were going through chemo as well.

    5. My favorite breakfast place is Hash House a go-go. You used to have to drive waaaay off the strip for it but now there’s one inside the Imperial Palace. The portions are enormous, be sure to share plates. It gets a thumbs up from Adam Richman of Man Vs. Food.

      And I can’t answer a question like this without bringing up the Sterling Brunch! Held only on Sundays in Bally’s Steakhouse it’s the best deal for fancy shmancy food to be found. The price keeps getting steeper, it’s in the upper $70s per person now. But if you like Perrier Jouet and real sturgeon caviar prepare to be indulged. Make a reservation early.
      This person has a nice flickr set of some plates from the brunch.

    1. I have brought my blood pressure and cholesterol down from borderline to the acceptable range with exercise. I did start eating oatmeal most days for breakfast, but that shouldn’t be what lowered my blood pressure. I also tried lowering my sodium intake and that didn’t seem to do much for the blood pressure, and my food tasted like crap, so now I still salt things. My best advice is to get more exercise.

  3. I built Rush-themed (the band, not the windbag) computer mod that was featured in Maximum PC magazine’s “Rig of the Month” section (Feb. 2003). I made website dedicated to the rig – see it here: http://mysite.verizon.net/res02xmg/BodyElectric/index.htm
    Here’s a link to the MPC article:

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