1. Hahaha, I’m one of them…

      Yesterday I sent a scathing email to a company who’s app isn’t available for Android. I was quite choked that Android was overlooked despite having a larger market share than Blackberry and Apple (25% of sales in 2010 and 888% market growth)

      Now I just have to wait for FroYo to be released for my Legend

  1. thats not even funny C…my sister married an android and I strongly dislike when u fool around with this stuff..why? .
    Because honestly I barely manage to jog alongside him, not to say his a better father. Man, that WD40 done some serious damage to my stomach…

    1. I don’t think so you would just goto to system preferences and select the proper mode. Really you should try to take just think this through. 😉

  2. I made it as far as, “…(Data) could generate a tear…” It made me think of the Bukowski line, “Love died laughing.” – But only because I’m hungry and distracted.

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