Diet Soda Linked To Increased Risk Of Stroke?

I always hated the taste of diet sodas so when I gave up drinking regular soda last year I just switched to that other drink… what’s it called? Water.

Diet sodas aren’t off the hook just yet.

Withstanding shaky claims that artificial sweeteners cause cancer and the possibility of being linked to metabolic syndrome, diet soda is still in the hot seat.

Presented at the American Stroke Association’s international conference this week, new research led by scientists at Columbia University and the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine suggests that diet soda might increase a person’s risk of developing vascular health problems — those related to blood vessels — and stroke.

The aggressor: sodium.


  1. I usually have trouble with these ‘correlation’ studies where researchers just randomly try to correlate some cause with some effect. Unless they can explain the exact mechanism in which sodium leads to more strokes I will call this BS.

    Maybe people who drink less diet soda have a generally healthier lifestyle. Who the fuck knows? The article doesn’t say. But I guess it is just a general strategy of scientists to scare the shit out of people and then casually add “we acknowledge the need for more research before drawing any conclusions on the effects of diet soda on human health” which basically just says they want more research grants.

  2. My biggest concern with Diet soda is the research I’ve read about it making kids fat. (Something about screwing up how their bodies miscalculate the caloric intake of what they’re eating, so when they eat real sugar, it gets packed away)

    Then there’s the whole deal about aspartame…

    Regular soda is likely more healthy than the diet stuff (remember olestra?) If you’re trying to be health-conscious, don’t drink soda!

  3. I am normally a club soda + lime kind of gal, but when I have the dark fizzy crack, I love Diet Pepsi; and you can pry it out of my cold dead (or perhaps stroke-induced paralyzed) hands. I do wonder how much diet soda these people are drinking. 1 can of Diet Pepsi has 25 mg of sodium (about 1% of your daily recommended value). Given that I indulge in about 2 per week, I cannot imagine that it makes a great impact on me, given my daily Cheerios consumption (at 186mg of sodium per serving, plus the 100mg of sodium from the milk; and let’s be honest, I sometimes eat cereal for dinner, too).
    Why can’t we ever talk about moderation in the country? I’m not one to talk, because I just copped to a breakfast cereal-based diet, but come ON. You know what is really making fat kids fat? They get up and eat sugary breakfasts, they go to school and increasingly have recess and gym cut from their curriculum. After sitting on their rears all morning, they eat a sugar and sodium packed school lunch, only to come home to fatty and sugary snacks (consumed while playing video games). This is rounded it off with some fast food for dinner before tucking into dessert. They stay up until the wee hours of the night and don’t get enough sleep, all so they can do the same thing tomorrow.
    It’s not a moderate consumption of diet soda, it’s a terrible lifestyle that we are all too lazy and insipid to really address.

    1. Gotta agree. I hate diet stuff, but I do enjoy regular soda. I have less than one a week. I drink water and unsweetend tea and coffee every day, but mostly just water. I don’t understand why people cannot understand the concept of moderation. Cake, pie, cheesecake, ice cream,soda, are all awesome. You just can’t eat them all the time. I also don’t understand the people I know who say ” I don’t like water, it doesn’t taste like anything” Which is the best part of water! It is totally refreshing!

  4. I have not read this myself- but I overheard that supposedly this was tested on only Hispanics and AA’s. So much for randomization. Invalid!!!

  5. I drink probably 8 or so cans of diet soda everyday.
    I’m not really sure what the issue is. Lot’s of “urban legends” about aspartame and whatnot, but I don’t see a lot of hard evidence.

    What a fabulous caffeine delivery mechanism. A 12 oz bullet of joy.

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