1. That’s the dawn of the american great society project: a melow, educated man assaulting to put food on the table. Have fun with your late capitalism.

    1. It says “Seattle” at the beginning of the clip, in which case, that guy was incredibly rude, making eye contact and speaking directly to another person. The very nerve. He’s lucky he didn’t get maced.

  2. He was so humble about it I was almost rooting for him. Still the article says he’s been arrested in previous robberies, so screw him.

  3. I’ve been held up a couple times when working convenience stores.
    The best are the fellows like this. Not saying they are all cordial, but the general air of professionalism goes far. I don’t care if you are robbing me, really. At that point you are just one of 100s of transactions on my shift. In some way I don’t mind crimes as much when I can understand the motive, and folks treat it as a craft. Never an excuse for sloppy work.

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