Pro-life ‘rock star’ priest admits to sexual indiscretion during exorcism

From Daily Mail:

A priest has admitted to a sexual indiscretion with a woman under his spiritual care during an exorcism.

Father Thomas Euteneuer made the confession after a wave of online debate about his sudden departure from his post of president of an anti-abortion group.

He abruptly departed the Human Life International in August of last year, and had maintained a silence over his reasons for stepping down ever since.

The mystery provoked a wave of speculation on the internet about why the priest, described by some as a ‘rock star’ of the pro-life movement, might have stepped down.


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  1. McGee,

    I am completely and entirely shocked by this. Scandalized, even.

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  2. MarvinTPA,

    He was just fucking the devil….

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  3. klaatu,

    The devil made him do it…

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  4. Jack,

    I’m just glad it was a little boy.

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