1. Too complicated and more importantly, it requires 2 hands. The goal when eating wings should be to have one hand stay clean, for whatever reason… Beer, Tabasco, etc.

    I find the easiest way of getting that done, with the flat part, is to grab the part by one end and put the other end on the plate and push down, disconnecting the meat from the bone. From there you should have a little lollipop of chicken wing

  2. I have seen this video before and after finding it brilliant I promptly forgot the instructions and was too lazy to ever look it up. Hence, the tried-and-true Free Mr. Clark method (the prison bars being the bones and the arm with an empty metal cup being my tongue). By the way, when you remove the bone, you don’t have 100% meat left, you have 80% fatty skin and 10% veins and 8% cartilage and 2% meat.

  3. Definitely a repost, but a good one. I actually ate wings with some classmates a few days ago and used this method with great success.

  4. Stoopid. #1 – this should say how to eat *half* of your wings since this only discusses the “mid” wing, not the drumstick. #2 – this assumes that the wings have been cooked to the point that the cartilage has softened enough. This usually renders the wings and their skin to a scummy gooey consistency, yuck
    You can do the same thing with one hand: grab one end of a mid, bite off the cartilage (eat it you pussy) jam the rest of the mid in your pie hole chomp down and pull the rest off in one shot.. You can even split the two bones with that one hand and and scour dem clean.
    For a world of young-uns with little or no patience to the point they cant even cook their own food, you going to expect them to disassemble a wing like a swiss watch to consume? Not.

  5. Yeah you posted this one (or a similar video) a long time ago, and since then I have taken to this technique with great happiness whenever having chicken wings 🙂

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