1. In August of 1990, some friends asked me if I wanted to go with them to see him perform at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin. I said I was busy that day and would catch SRV when he came back around. It’s a decision I reret to this day. (If I ever get my TARDIS, I’m going back in time to kick my 25-yr old self in the hinder.)

    1. Same here! There was series of great acts touring that year, and I saw most of them. SRV came through Omaha on what ended up being his last tour but I was totally broke. My roomies were going and offered to loan me the ticket cash but I declined. I thought I could catch him next time.

      I’ve regretted it ever since.

  2. Thanks goodness for roadies like that or it’d be difficult to finish the song. Honestly though, I’m not very musically inclined so I didn’t even notice the sound of the guitar changing when he broke the string. So if I were listening to the audio I wouldn’t have guessed that happened.

  3. Never saw him in concert, but I did see him get up on stage with Marcia Ball (Queen of the Gator Rhythms) at Antone’s in 1985. Amazing.

  4. That should be one of the games in the roadie olympics, although most people would probably prefer tickets to the “brings chicks back to the bus” or “score drugs in Utah” events.

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