1. Chaos like the block party in Cambridge in Aug ’74 when Nixon resigned. It went along Mass. Ave. from Harvard Square all the way to MIT.

  2. What he means to say is if he leaves he will pay his goons to create chaos the same way Ben Ali tried in Tunisia. His security forces were trying to destabilize the country further after he had left They were firing at people, causing confusion and panic. People eventually had to form their own little militias to protect themselves.

    1. The same thing has already been playing out in Egypt. They found lots of police ID’s on the so called “Pro-Government” protesters. Which were paid off and let loose on the regular crowds. Some admitting that they had recieved up to $70 dollars to participate (a months income for many Egyptians). As well as pictures taken showing the police among them coordinating things. That’s why they were so well organized and armed as well.

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