Atheist Prime Minister Blamed For Cyclone

From Central Telegraph:

A CONTROVERSIAL church group has called on Prime Minister Julia Gillard to fall on her knees in prayer in the midst of the looming cyclone crisis facing Queensland.

“It is very sad that this dark chapter in Australia’s history is led by an atheist Prime Minister in Julia Gillard and an openly homosexual Greens leader… both who have no regard for God nor prayer,” Catch the Fire Ministeries said in a statement today.

President Dr Daniel Nalliah said Julia Gillard was not elected by the majority of the Australian people, but rather the personal decision of two power hungry independent MPs who catapulted Ms Gillard to the top job.

“Are we Aussies all paying for that decision? It is very well known that throughout history, in a time of national crisis, kings, prime ministers and presidents of countries around the world have turned to God, irrespective of whether they were Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Muslim and asked for help or at least called the nation to pray for protection and for the victims of the disaster,” Dr Nalliah said.


  1. Why didn’t all the prayers fro the other people stop this thing? Don’t tell me the religious people forgot to pray again, thinking the government would do it for them. Damn smaller limited government!

  2. As an Australian myself, i hate Gillard. Even when she was up for re-election i refused to vote for her. The only reason she is performing the crying act now is because she was informed she was ”being too cold” about the whole flood thing. Moreover, after receiving Millions in international support, she still had the nerve to create a ”flood tax”, and also after receving an unprecedented amount from donations (individuals and retailers alike). She Doesn’t care about us, and neither do we for Mrs Gillard.

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