Headline of the Day

Malawi bill seeks to punish public farting and fortune tellers

While no country wants its citizens to be idle, disorderly, or drunkards who cause nuisance in any public sphere, the Malawi is reportedly set to make a set of behaviours punishable by law.

The Bingu wa Mutharika led administration is to introduce a raft of legislation that seeks to criminalize an everyday natural occurrence of “passing gas” with the intention to “mould responsible and disciple citizens”

  • Dale

    I can hear the courtroom lawyers now: “Your honor, my client is innocent. After all, he who smelt it, dealt it.”

    “Case dismissed!”

    • pvc

      “Your honor, the dog did it.”

      • Dale

        Would the police use fart-sniffing dogs?

  • Whatever

    And what’s the penalty? The gas chamber? 🙂

  • Circe

    Do you suppose the Tea Party sponsors these bills to make sure there’s always someone more idiotic than they are?

  • Oh, well there goes my whole plan of opening up a comprehensive Farty Fortune booth at the local Malawi bazaar. Fantastic!

  • FINALLY!!!!

  • I wish the elevator at my work would be annexted by Malawi.