14 Year Old Lashed to Death Under Sharia Law

From BBC News:

The teenager was accused of having an affair with a married man, police say, and the punishment was given under Islamic Sharia law.

Hena Begum’s family members said a village court consisting of elders and clerics passed the sentence.

She was alleged to have had the affair with her cousin and received 80 lashes.
Punishment received

The family members of the married man also allegedly beat the girl up a day before the village court passed the sentence in the district of Shariatpur.

“Her family members said she was admitted to a hospital after the incident and she died six days later. The village elders also asked the girl’s father to pay a fine of about 50,000 Taka (£430; $700),” district superintendent of police, AKM Shahidur Rahman, told the BBC.


  1. She was 14! This is child molestation and incest -What happened to the male cousin? He should be in jail –
    What a sick country and religion

  2. Of course it’s the female’s fault completely -never mind she was 14 years old. Never mind she was never allowed to make a decision in her entire life. Same old story in case after case. That poor child.

  3. Let’s not forget that 14 year old girls are still being forced to marry older people right in the US, with barely a peep from the authorities. In Missouri, parents can marry off their daughters legally at 15 or even younger. Mormon fundamentalists often marry off kids as young as 12. And the torture of “problem” children is actually recommended by authorities as recognized as Focus on the Family…

  4. “Four arrested after Bangladesh girl ‘lashed to death'”…THAT is the headline to the story…this is also in the story: “A group of people held a rally on Wednesday in the town of Shariatpur in protest against those who gave the fatwa and demanded action against them.

    This is the second reported fatality linked to a Sharia law punishment since the practice was outlawed last year by the High Court.”

    OUTLAWED!!…In other words…this was a bunch of outlaws that took matters in to their own hands! Jesus Christ, I’m not for Sharia law, but read the fucken arcticle before you comment on it.

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