1. “Estus Pirkle”? really? No wonder he’s bitter, going though life with a name like that. Grade school must have been….um…hell.

    1. Having gone to school with Crumps and Baggotts, I can assure you that Mr. Pirkle’s name is within the normal range of deep South names.

  2. The film makes it very clear

    unsaved = unshaved

    Men with facial hair- I’ll wave to you from my flaming chair.

  3. Being a fan of 70’s film kitsch, I had to watch it all. Here are three highlights:

    1.) Motorcycle decapitation!!!!
    2.) A 1st century biblical sing-along . . .with an autoharp. . .
    3.) Hell tormenting you with, among other things, “continual itchiness”

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