1. They should have gave her some marbles to play with and a black light. Umnn or something like that I hear. At least they’d have the decency to let her come down with a J.

    1. I agree. Would love to know how she felt about her “trip” after it was over. She had such a glow on her face and from her descriptions, it sounded like she had reached some “enlightenment” state. Did that knowledge stick or did she just block it out afterward?

  2. Last time I took LSD I realised I could hear a part of a tune I hadn’t heard before. And then I realised it was my back rubbing against a hedge.

    1. I don’t think the point is what you think of her observations. The point is that perhaps this particular woman had never thought of air in that way before, or appreciated the colors of things in quite that way. How many housewives in the 1950’s do you think went around describing air as moving particles, despite it being exactly that?

  3. She strikes me as a person of education. Some paler version of scientific rigor must have nestled in the woman’s head, before her synapses flowed with an an unacustomed torrent of dopamine. The effect of the LSD was to make what was already there, seem more there.

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