1. What are the consequences of putting a target on a map? Maybe she can expound on that now? Would be different if her torso or head was on the map.

    1. What maps do you see with targets on them? A target as a marker sets up a situation for interpretation where one might actually look at those elected for those districts as a “target”.

    2. Armelius,

      Laying in a hospital bed with half her skull removed and a mechanical breathing tube shoved down her throat, Ms. Giffords is currently not in any position to expound on anything.

      Why don’t YOU expound a little more on why you don’t believe that the fact that Palin’s poster had a gunsight directly over Ms. Giffords’ district and listed her by name as someone who needed to be eliminated couldn’t possibly have encouraged an unbalanced person to consider Gifford a shooting target in addition to a political target. And in this explanation, please include your innocent interpretation of Palin’s favorite phrase when referring to Ms. Giffords and the other 19 Democrats on the poster: “Don’t Retreat- Reload!” Please enlighten us as to what you think this rallying cry is deliberately implying if it isn’t shooting the listed targets.

  2. While I agree with Jon Stewart’s assertion that blaming these targets for the shooting is like blaming Marylin Manson for Columbine, the fact remains that Tea Partiers are very stupid, irresponsible people…people very likely to take such rhetoric (especially those targets) literally. Palin and others (yes, you, Beck) are setting up a bonfire, pouring lighter fluid on it and encouraging non-thinkers to bring a book of matches.

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