1. Watched all three seasons of Breaking Bad back-to-back, took my medication, went drinking and turned into a walking blackout before getting robbed.

    Yes and no?

  2. Yes! With the exception of trying to work with all the kids out of school for THREE weeks due to weather…

    We got the girls a horse. They are happy campers. Also saw a lot of kin, ate a lot of fancy food, did a lot of family bonding over Yahtzee and rummy. Now I am very happy they went back to school today!

  3. Yes! Seems like my detached retina is finally fixed so I will, in fact, have two working eyeballs with which to read my new Kindle 🙂

    (Also, WoW once again roped me into its clutches over the holiday break, which is both awesome and horrible).

    1. Did you at least break it doing something fun like skiing or skating? Is a bummer having a broken leg though. Looks like there’s some good stuff on DVD to watch if you can’t get around easily for a few weeks. I didn’t have a very fun holiday. Well my dad came and he’s entertaining, treated me to a nice meal at a restaurant, but it’s all too much hype for me, I just laid low, didn’t do anything spectacularly fun, broke no limbs. Just trying to clean my apartment and catch up on laundry monsters.

  4. Still have about a week to go, actually. Checking my students’ tests is a bitch, but the day after tomorrow the boyfriend & I are headed for the isle of Texel on a mini vacation, so YEAH.

  5. It’s been great. Lots of time with family and friends. A few good booze ups and much better than average weather. Everyone healthy. Yep, it’ s been a very good holiday.

  6. I had a thyroid scan last Monday, and by Tuesday I was violently ill. I think I picked up a bug while at the hospital, one which effectively emptied me of most fluids by 4 am Tuesday. It was only by Saturday that I felt better….so basically, my entire vacation was lost.

  7. yes! the “baby” is home from college, we snuck over to maui for a whole (media free!) week, ate way too much really good food, didn’t exercise, drank wine almost every day. *sigh*
    now it’s monday and time to get back on track….
    happy new year!

  8. Absolutely!
    My son and I played video games all week and did not much else. It was nice just being with family and not having to be anywhere in particular. Now, back to the grindstone!

    Someone really needs to do a Housewives of Beverly Hillbillies mash-up. Seriously.

  9. This question illustrates why I hate small talk, so many people got sick or injured, I was sick last summer and nobody asked me how was your summer so I could say, I had pneumonia for half of it and missed a lot of beach time. I don’t like when people expect you to say something really cool happened and you have to bum them out, although I hope our sick and injured friends get well soon and watch all the shows on DVD that Chris tells you are good while you are laid up (a pleasure I discovered when I was too sick to do anything else). And I guess I shouldn’t be too mad, other people had cool stories, it is a significant time of year for family and food, and treating yourself to vacations in hot places.

    1. Okay, while I understand the sentiment behind this, I (and clearly other commenters) don’t really think that it’s fair to scorn ‘small talk’ like that. While, yes, some people did get sick or injured, and they did have kind of a crappish holiday season, they’re still able to enjoy the good things. Having an attitude like yours will just kind of be a downer– it’s healthier for your mind (and more pleasant for others) if you try to focus on the ups and not worry too much about the downs.

  10. It’s been so-so, but I’m feeling pretty upbeat the last few days. I think it’s all the sun we’ve finally been getting. Some highlights:

    I was supposed to go to Cancun with a friend the first week of Dec but ended up getting stuck at work due to a big push for construction by the boss. My friend decided to go by herself and ended up getting robbed and breaking a toe.

    Since I stayed put, I was able to attend the company staff party, at which one of the hottest employees (a little intoxicated) decided that I would make a good chair and sat in my lap for 15 minutes while talking amongst my table. The success of the night was short lived when the next day we were all informed that the company was cutting pay by 10% due to financial constraints brought on by the winter season. With luck we should get it back in April (never mind that they’ve been promising me a raise for the past 3 years…) Or do I go all American Beauty on their asses? Maybe I should try Falling Down

    Most recently, given that I was expecting to drive to visit family around Christmas, I took my truck in for a service. (oil change, check the brakes, etc) The next day I get a call saying my power steering pump and both axles are leaking oil. Well there’s another $1000. The next day I get a call saying my rear differential has cracked spider gears, plus both rear axle bearings are shot. Well there’s another $2500. At this point we’re getting into Christmas, so try to get work done on your vehicle then… I decided to replace the whole damn axle rather than rebuild it at the dealership; found one in Phoenix AZ for $1500 that’s shipping out today.

    Lastly, as an effort to cheer myself up, I ordered a new Dell system during Boxing Week. It’ll totally beat the pants of anything I’ve used previously. (Studio XPS 9100, 12GB RAM, dual 24″ monitors) Of course I get an email today saying it’s delayed…

    Not all hope is lost. Backdraft comes out on Blu-ray tomorrow 😀

  11. We did have a good holiday- everybody was here, the weather was decent and our time was cheerily spent hiking, eating, playing games, laughing and generally acting so much like a normal family that we barely recognized ourselves for the miserable, crafty souls we normally tend to be.

    The best part of the holiday- we had to take in my daughter’s small bird for her this summer. He saw her for the first time and jumped up on her shirt and snuggled under her chin, talking and talking and talking, desperate for cuddles. I had no idea ringneck parrots pined for people…

  12. Excellent Holiday! Quiet, relaxed with Football thrown in for good measure. Took down all of the decorations today (Monday) which is always a bit melancholy but as Jan. 3 is my birthday, I brook no competition! 😉

  13. Yes! I mostly stayed home, although I went up to Virginia for a couple days to visit relatives. And– unlike last year– I was not woken up at 6am by my little cousins dropping a 5-pound medicine ball on my stomach! Huzzah!
    I also got to laugh at my parents and siblings, who all got sick at the same time. I have a superior immune system, though, so I mostly escaped.

  14. I was sick during the week between Christmas and Years which I had off of work anyway. It was like 2010, which was not a stellar year for me anyway, felt like getting in one last shot. Did catch up on Celebrity Rehab – Oh, silly Lief Garrett, what are we going to do with you… It snowed in LA yesterday, so a strange and unexpected break, but not all that bad.

  15. My girl & I had a quiet one. Weather prevented me travelling to see my folks, but she saw hers. We had a friend who lives by himself for dinner – well, it made a change from Turkey (boom-tish). The movie we watched was ‘Avatar’ (meh). Played some video games and ate lots (especially peanuts!)

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