• Stephen

    Poxy sinuses. Get some Sinutabs or something into ye, relieves the pressure 🙂

  • EV

    I have endless sinus trouble. I don’t know if you use sprays or anything, but Otrivine spray – if you guys have it – works wonders. Of course it’s only temporary relief. I was considering trying a nasel irrigator – apparently they really help long term, and is practiced as part of yoga for a number of symptoms, including asthma.

  • wet gel soon

  • Bongo

    Mucinex, plain, no decongestant, and loads of water. Stay away from all de-con sprays.

  • Tyler

    Because unsolicited medical advice from the internets is the best way to go, allow me to suggest NeilMed Sinus Rinse. It’s surprisingly effective for being so lo-tech.

    • Rich

      I second Tyler. NeilMed Sinus Rinse is pretty good! Might be worth a shot, and it’s drug-free to boot (if you ignore salt and bicarb).

  • Rampage_Rick

    Have you seen the commercial for Balloon Sinuplasty? Basically they shove a roto-rooter up your nose.

    I’ve always thought one could make a fortune adapting the sucky straw from the dentist’s for home uses, one of which would be to shove up your nose and clear out all those dirty thoughts.

  • Marlea

    Snort some pixie sticks….that should clear ’em up.

  • ange

    this should cheer you up – it’s called White Girls by Left Right. This is their official music video (seriously).

    • ange

      it would help if i add the link:

  • outeast

    Crystal meth s(n)orts everything out.

    Trust me, I have only your best interests at heart. And I am a doctor.

  • Chakolate

    I used to have tremendous sinus pain, and used sudafed and benedryl by the truckload. Then I read this:


    and I haven’t needed either since then. I do occcasionally use a neti pot, but this trick is all I usually need.

    Seriously, dude, it’s the second-best thing I ever learned on the internet.

    • EV

      That’s incredible. While I think I’ll need some help shifting it (I have very tricky sinuses), it certainly does something. Just tried it and could feel the sinuses start to clear.

      That’s why I love the interwebs. A tip like that really makes my day. Thanks!

  • Liblady 50

    A little late to the party, but I’m in a greement with Tyler’s comment -“Because unsolicited medical advice from the internets is the best way to go”:
    buy a neti pot and start washing the junk out of your sinuses. luke warm salt water does wonders

  • carolyn

    just wanted to say i feel your pain. i was out sick yesterday because of heinous sinus pain. i hope we both feel better soon!

  • DreamDevil