1. I have endless sinus trouble. I don’t know if you use sprays or anything, but Otrivine spray – if you guys have it – works wonders. Of course it’s only temporary relief. I was considering trying a nasel irrigator – apparently they really help long term, and is practiced as part of yoga for a number of symptoms, including asthma.

    1. I second Tyler. NeilMed Sinus Rinse is pretty good! Might be worth a shot, and it’s drug-free to boot (if you ignore salt and bicarb).

  2. Have you seen the commercial for Balloon Sinuplasty? Basically they shove a roto-rooter up your nose.

    I’ve always thought one could make a fortune adapting the sucky straw from the dentist’s for home uses, one of which would be to shove up your nose and clear out all those dirty thoughts.

  3. this should cheer you up – it’s called White Girls by Left Right. This is their official music video (seriously).

  4. Crystal meth s(n)orts everything out.

    Trust me, I have only your best interests at heart. And I am a doctor.

    1. That’s incredible. While I think I’ll need some help shifting it (I have very tricky sinuses), it certainly does something. Just tried it and could feel the sinuses start to clear.

      That’s why I love the interwebs. A tip like that really makes my day. Thanks!

  5. A little late to the party, but I’m in a greement with Tyler’s comment -“Because unsolicited medical advice from the internets is the best way to go”:
    buy a neti pot and start washing the junk out of your sinuses. luke warm salt water does wonders

  6. just wanted to say i feel your pain. i was out sick yesterday because of heinous sinus pain. i hope we both feel better soon!

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