1. It sucks that Obama gave in on one his main platforms to “compromise.” I really don’t believe the Right will return the favor. Come election time they’ll more likely use it against him and spin it as a broken promise.

    With the unemployment benefits, I think that when someone has been on it for two years (the “99ers”), it’s time to look for a new line of work, at least temporarily. When people are given the choice of getting half of their current pay for doing nothing, or working 40 hours a week to earn even less money, it’s common sense to stay home. I’d choose the couch too. I’m not saying they should cut off the benefit after two years, but once the person finds work, he/she should have to begin paying back whatever was accrued after the 99-week cutoff, with interest. It should be a deferred payment plan, so people have a chance to get back on their feet. At least this way, with the benefit not being “free money” after 99 weeks, people would have an incentive to find a job instead of waiting for the job they want.

    1. The republicans won’t return the favor, and the public won’t remember the diplomacy. The election will be won and lost based on who shouts misinformation as loudly and belligerently as possible. Or whichever corporations can fund the most of such speech, after Citizens United.

      That may be cynical, but this is the place for that, right?

  2. Obama actually got more of what he (we) wanted that the Republicans did. Politics is about horse trading, which is hard to do when the other guy consists of only one part of the horse…

  3. I won’t watch Fox News or MSNBC commentary shows, they rot your brain. Is this really what Keith Olbermann’s show really like? If so, why do people take him seriously?

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