Republicans Accuse Obama of Endangering Our Freedoms By Not Mentioning God More

From the Minnesota Independent:

Republican Reps. Michele Bachmann and John Kline, as part of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, chastised President Obama for not portraying America as a more Christian-like nation to the rest of the world. In a letter on Monday, the caucus complained that Obama omitted the word “God” five times during his recent trip to Indonesia and called on him to correct the record.

The caucus wrote that Obama used e pluribus unum (“out of many, one,” in Latin) as the motto of the United States instead of “In God We Trust.” While e pluribus unum is part of the nation’s seal and has been an unofficial motto since the country’s founding, the group was upset he didn’t use “In God we Trust” in its place.

“Additionally,” the caucus wrote, “during three separate events this fall, when quoting from the Declaration of Independence, you mentioned that we have inalienable rights but you consistently failed to mention the source of those rights. The Declaration of Independence definitively recognizes God, our Creator, as the source of those rights.”

The group said not mentioning God could have consequences for freedom.

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  1. “If we pull the thread of religious conviction out of the marketplace of ideas, we unravel the tapestry of freedom that birthed America.”

    And if we toss too many metaphors in the mixing bowl of rhetoric, we rob Peter to pay the fat lady to sing until the cows come home to roost.

  2. Maybe he should say “Goddamn this,” and “Goddamn that.” Would that make the republicans happier.

    “If we pull the goddamn thread of goddamn religious conviction out of the goddamn marketplace of ideas, we unravel the goddamn tapestry of goddamn freedom that birthed America.”

    I’m for this.

  3. “The group said not mentioning God could have consequences for freedom.”

    How right they are. It demonstrates that we have more of that precious freedom.

    Oops. Can”t write “demonstrate” without “demon”! Hope I didn’t upset any religious conservatives!

  4. Dear Reps. Kline and Bachmann: My God, you’re a couple of Goddamn idiots. God only knows what kind of Goddamn morons in the Godforsaken hinterlands keep voting you into office.

    One, two, three, four, five. Are they happy now?

  5. Justin, I doubt whether they believe in God. They just like to say they do, loudly. The louder these people proclaim their Christianity, the more the demonstrate the opposite. Jesus, whom they say they believe in, railed against the scribes and pharisees who proclaimed how religious they were. Jesus said if a rich man wanted to follow hi, he had to give away all his worldly goods. Jesus said, “Whatsoever you do unto the least of my brothers, that you do unto me.” Jesus told people to feed the hungry, house the homeless, visit the sick and incarcerated. The first time I ever see any of these whited sepulchres actually following the words of Jesus, I will faint dead away.

  6. “The group said not mentioning God could have consequences for freedom.”

    Oh, I agree totally! The consequences would be MORE freedom: from superstition, from coercion, from church mendicancy… the list goes on & on.

  7. Politicians are so stupid 234 years of being a supposed GOD centric county and IT ISNT WORKING PEOPLE… In GREED We Trust is more like it…How much tax money pays forthe Congressional Prayer Caucus – HAHAHA total holes.
    I would say to them The G Man doesn’t like greedy, deceptive, liar, racist, bigots representing a country “in his name”
    Its time to focus on the real issues GOP wacko’s. JOBS, EDUCATION, & SECURITY for ALL who want to live free with you and me….

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