1. They’re better off that way… The 14,000 volt powerlines coming up next would have been even more entertaining to watch. Even if the balloon and rope were miraculously non-conductive (thus sparing the people) I’m sure you’d get some neat arcing between the wires (14kV to ground = 25kV phase-to-phase

    Piss-poor planning by somebody… I did Christmas parades for 7 years; we built our floats on a 53′ flat-deck trailer built out to 16 feet wide and 13’6″ high and were still able to make corners greater than 90° (albeit having to move people back from the curb) We ran triple 5kW generators under the frame to power 20,000 lights and had 2 snow machines on the roof of the cab. Ahhh, memories…

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