1. Compromise has its place… but this is ridiculous. Obama keeps giving in and giving to the right and its never going to get him anywhere because they will never give an inch in return and are going to hate him no matter what.

    He should “compromise” the way LBJ did -by throwing his weight around and letting everyone know who’s the boss. However…. its a losing situation because if Obama did that, his opponents would paint him as a “gangster” or something.

  2. Progressives to Obama: “No worries, dude, we have long given up on the notion that you would live up to any worthwhile ideals anyway.”

  3. How can anyone disagree with his stance? He’s not a king. He’s a president. The government is explicitly set up to prevent a president from willing laws into existence.

    If you thought that Obama was going to get all of his campaign promises, you are a fool anyway. He has moved the needle exponentially further into the progressive direction than at any time in the past 10 years.

    Don’t get greedy.

    1. I can appreciate what you’re saying. I don’t care that much for the ‘compromise,’ but I’d rather have a president who is willing to negotiate than one who would rather get mired in a long, drawn-out battle. The battle would only get harder for the Dems in January. Would the republicans continue to hold the unemployed ‘hostage?’ I bet they would.

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