WikiLeaks Downed By Its DNS Service Provider

From Mashable:

WikiLeaks has been struggling to fend off a DDoS attack ever since it started releasing secret embassy cables, and now it lost one more ally: its DNS services provider,

According to a statement from, the services were terminated as the DDoS attack on WikiLeaks (Wikileaks) started to be a threat to the service itself and its other users.

“ provided domain name system (DNS) services to the domain name until 10PM EST, December 2, 2010, when such services were terminated (…) The interference at issues arises from the fact that has become the target of multiple distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks. These attacks have, and future attacks would, threaten the stability of the infrastructure, which enables access to almost 500,000 other websites,” the statement read.

Wikileaks has moved to Switzerland so it’s available at this address.