1. My favorite part of this video is the guy in the yellow rain coat totally blowing away the competition. No way he’s going to fall prey to last year’s Zhu-Zhu Pet-less tragedy.

  2. Everybody is at fault here… The store for not opening ALL of the doors (they don’t just put 20 doors there to look pretty) Plus the customers for acting like lemmings. (though that could be said to be a biological trait, same thing happens during fires)

    1. more like disgusting. Really? Really people? You know that most of these black- friday “deals” from the large stores are a made-to-be-cheap built to order crap item right? So maybe beating doors down and running over other humans isn’t the best idea for 5am. I can only assume that at least half of these people are either on unemployment or welfare, due to them spending their entire night in line, then the morning shopping instead of working, like the rest of us.
      Bah humbug!

  3. This is why I steadfastly REFUSE to participate in the madness. I won’t even set foot in a department store on Black Friday. There is no bargain worth getting trampled for.

  4. That should be illegal. I hope that guy sues the shit out of the store. Yes, he was an idiot for being there, but Target created the environment without having the proper supervision, and it happened inside their store. They’re damn lucky no one died.

  5. The fact that there are so many stores setting up video cams in anticipation of this type of carnage really speaks to the inherent danger and stupidity that is phenomenon of Black Friday. It was one thing when it was a naturally occurring upsurge of shoppers getting a jump on Christmas shopping. It’s another to hype it up and make the sales so time critical that people get up at 3am to stampede a store. It is important to allow businesses to market as they see fit, but this type of psychological bottle-necking towards the morning of one day is irresponsible.

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