1. Based on the “Where are you right now?” question from the other day you have pretty good global coverage, so maybe some questions that’ll bring in interesting pics or shed light on our cultural differences. Maybe pictures of our homes/offices from the street, pets, pantries, etc.

  2. Something with food, like simple & fast recipes (i.e. under 5 ingredients and under 5 minutes). or uncommon things we add to normal food, (like putting hot sauce on macaroni & cheese, or Parmesan cheese on popcorn).
    • Pics of our pets.
    • The contest where you gave an old diary was fun (although that didn’t really require a question, just an entry).
    • Proudest moments
    • Brushes with fame
    • What’s our demographic (age, race, etc.)

    1. In the same vein, maybe your top 2-3 recepies and soon we will have our own Cynical-C cookbook – all proceeds to go to Save Americans from TSA Fund!

  3. “How is the world’s reason, kindness and prosperity treating you today?”

    Something along those lines, just, you know, not sarcastic-like – hopefully better worded.

  4. what little thing do you do to make things better in the world… little things like carrying a plastic bag with you to pick up trash while hiking, replanting native plants in abandoned lots, etc etc –

    Okay so it’s very Sesame Street, but I am curious what others do like that!

  5. How many readers of this blog suffer from mood disorders or mental illnesses, and what they are.

    Not being snide, just going by the studies that show that Atheistic/more intellectually-inclined people tend to suffer from that sort of stuff. And this blog has always been that way inclined.

  6. Who put the bomp
    In the bomp bah bomp bah bomp?
    What piece of music, art, literature etc. do you really, really like that is generally considered really, really awful?
    In other words, guilty pleasures.

    1. First of all, too narrow. But I’ll tell you, a) I don’t have a job, and b) I think riding a bike on city streets is asking for death. As someone who drives a car, I see a lot of people on bikes do stuff that seems to invite an accident; they are a little too sure of themselves and make careless moves in traffic. To avoid the accident, I am following behind someone driving 10mph or slower just so they don’t crash into the bicycle by passing him or her. I’m just not reckless enough to deal with car traffic if I were on a bike. If you want a lot of answers like that, LIKE my comment. Boring question.

  7. What are the rules for tipping a bad waitress? Do you always tip no matter what? or is there a point at which you will refuse to tip? I was at a restaurant with my girlfriend the other night and the waitress was extremely forgetful and ignored us for much of the time. I get that it’s a hard job, but I’ve been in busier places with fewer staff and faster service. Yet I feel like it’s such a taboo subject to talk about. Even posting this I feel uncomfortable knowing how vehemently people like to defend those working in the service industry. I tip because society forces me to feel obliged to do so, but I find the idea somewhat absurd. Sure, they work hard, but so do a lot of people working in industries that don’t offer that kind of compensation. Bartenders and waitresses in pubs and clubs probably make more than I do in fact, so how does it make sense to tip them?

    Sorry for the rant. I had something of a heated conversation about the topic with a friend of mine earlier today.

    1. In my experience, conversations about tipping cannot be unheated. Everyone has an opinion about this and they want to fight about it also, mainly on the topic of how waiters make up their salary in tips, and so should be tipped no matter what vs. if they don’t like their salary arrangement, they should get a different sort of job. Tipping as custom vs. tipping as incentive (which I mostly agree with). Bad waiters still have to split their tips with everyone else on their shift, so their incentive should be internal, or it is obvious they are not cut for that type of job. I have worked in restaurants before and not succeeded long (though never as waitstaff), you are either in the right or wrong element for your personality, and your tips should reflect that. However, I tip about 20% no matter what, but think twice about eating there again, which is another way to tell someone their service sucks.

      1. Thanks for the response. Generally I agree. On the night in question, it wasn’t a busy night for the restaurant but the waitress had a really disinterested, annoyed attitude and didn’t bring us our drinks until I asked a second time, 10 minutes later, and then the food didn’t arrive for about 45 minutes after we ordered (normally at that place it’s fairly quick – about 15 minutes on average). Plus when I was leaving money in the leather envelope thing, she was standing behind me, watching, which made me really uncomfortable. And she stood there counting the money and tip I’d left her while we were still getting our coats on. Overall an unpleasant experience, but it’s chain restaurant and I like the food! So it’s even more frustrating because I like eating there but now feel like we can’t go back. Bah!

  8. *wish list (3-5 top wishes, material or abstract)
    *what mistakes do you think your parents made?
    *prize for the most chairs per person per household (accounting for square footage with photographic proof, maybe :))
    *favorite weather/season
    *unique talent (like in The Breakfast Club)
    *favorite tv theme song
    *how many nieces and nephews do you have and where do they live?
    *Like Elle Decor (an interior design magazine), name 12 things you cannot live without. They ask designers and other personalities who are usually wealthy; you can use your own judgment. (I like this better than the question about 5 things you would grab before evacuating your home in case of fire, etc. Many of the items are modest or abstract for someone with money, or not necessarily things they keep at home anyway, like a museum or a park).

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