1. I always hate recipes that rely on things like how fast your oven cools down (such as this one), how fast your pan heats up (e.g. boiling eggs starting with cold water) and so forth – they seem so unscientific, and the results vary so widely depending on the output of your oven/burner, insulation levels of your oven/pans (my oven seal needs replacing so the temp will drop faster than normal), pan surface area, even room temperature, etc.

    Normal recipes already depend enough on the accuracy of your thermostat, etc., without adding even more variables like rate of change of temperature in your appliance.

    1. Not to mention the effect atmospheric pressure has on boiling temps from day to day….

      Don’t let thermo & heat transfer principles take the fun out of cooking, just get to know your equipment. I cooked prime rib using this exact method in four different ovens and they all turned out great! You should try it!

  2. I LOVE Prime Rib – I could eat that entire thing by myself -If there was a restaurant like the Big Texan for Prime rib I would be there -I would get a 72 oz. free Prime rib every week.

  3. i’m definitely a carnivore but that looks gross. All that fat on the side, and it’s too pink for my taste.

    Give me no fat and cremated beyond belief.

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