1. I can’t hear a thing in my right ear because I saw these guys live once in a basement concert. It was so worth it! The one thing I am proud of that I did in the 80’s…
    The left ear survived because my head was insulating it.

  2. Gabba Gabba GREAT! 🙂 I miss these guys. My brother and I drove out to Manhattan many moons ago to catch one of Joey’s birthday bashes. He and Dee Dee reunited for the entire show. We were in a club about the size of my work cubicle. We were right at the front about seven inches away from Joey and Dee Dee. We both got high fives from Dee Dee, and a reulctant hand grab from the obsessive-compulsive Joey. 🙂 I stole the set list from Dee Dee’s mike and my bro got Dee Dee’s pick. The next day we had hotdogs in the shadow of the Twin Towers. Great memories!!! Gabba Gabba Hey!!! 🙂

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