• Piri

    My mother in law’s twice cooked Turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry and orange relish, crisp green bean bundles wrapped with bacon, sweet potatoes, home made stuffing, and pecan, pumpkin and/or tollhouse pie!

    • Piri

      Oh, sorry. My husband wanted to make sure you all know it’s a Maple basted turkey.

    • To get me to eat green beans you would need to wrap them in bacon….. Oh, I see what you did there.

  • Dale

    I’ll take the first commenter’s leftovers.

  • janey

    Turkey, mashed potatoes w sour cream, cornbread stuffing, breaded zucchini w bacon, bread baked with onion and chive jarlsburg, a nice green salad and cherry crumble.
    And booze

  • Wendall

    rombauer zinfandel and double berry dutch apple pie with a few bites of the traditional meal in between.

  • All the standards! Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing (yes, stuffing), gravy, cranberries, corn, beans, pumpkin pie, apple pie and probably some things I forgot!

  • Melissa

    Anything that clears out space in the fridge for tomorrow.

    • Melissa

      oh, wait…I mean, that’s tonight’s dinner. lol

  • Marlea

    Unless I make it to the grocery store, cheerios and rotten bananas.

  • Harb

    Since it’s only thanksgiving in the USA, I’ll be noshing on the free pizza at my local pub, washed down with copious amounts of beer ??

  • Erich Schrempp

    Pecan Pie. All else is just the opening act.

  • Circe

    Split pea soup.

    We don’t do thanksgiving.

  • Usual turkey related trappings, my Yamtastic which has sweet potatoes (Garnet variety), pecans, brown sugar and butter but no Marsh or Mallow will defile it. Pumpkin pie for desert and washing it down with Widmer Brothers Brrrr! seasonal ale.

  • Roast turkey, ham (for in-laws who don’t like turkey), dressing, gravy, broccoli, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, deviled eggs, corn, crescent rolls, (and for the kids) mashed potatoes, apple sauce, macaroni and cheese, spiced cider, (and for dessert) pumpkin pie and apple pie. I expect about 14 people, but more may show up.

  • A single baked potato dressed as a miniature turkey.

    Roast Turkey meat finely chopped and molded into biscuit shapes.

    Large mounds of biscuit dough designed to resemble mashed potatoes

    (I work at Alinea)

  • Apple and hickory Smoked Turkey that has been brined for 18 hours.
    Hickory smoked spiral cut ham
    Cornbread and sausage stuffing
    Sweet potato casserole
    Twice Baked mashed potatoes
    Vegetable medley casserole
    Green bean casserole
    Kings Hawaiian rolls
    Homemade bread based on this (http://nyti.ms/SJCu)
    Homemade pecan pie
    Pumpkin spice cake
    Ice cream cake (it’s also my daughters birthday)

    • Eight

      What time should I be there?

    • lucy

      I make that same bread recipe – its great and easy!

  • Whatever they have on the menu at the restaurant my family chooses. (sigh, this was not my idea)

  • Mike K

    Ask my Mom. That’s where I’ll be. I expect it will be traditional Thanksgiving fare. It’s also my sister’s birthday, so I know we’re having cake for desert.

  • jenbrooke

    grilled steak, sweet potato fries, newcastle, and for dessert: chocolate chip cannoli. A great American tradition… we don’t like turkey or pumpkin. Might pick up some wine though. Off to the store we go!

  • Amy

    In addition to the typical fare seen at Thanksgiving, it’s tradition for my mom to make Glorified Rice. NO, it’s NOT Ambrosia. We’ve been eating this stuff every year since I can remember…I’m sure any newcomer would think it’s too sweet and a hot culinary mess…but it reminds me of being a kid, so I eat it anyway.

  • Dumplings, hello! Who doesn’t have DUMPLINGS at Thanksgiving?

  • Barbwire

    Turkey with dressing and gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (the ex is bringing them), green and wax beans, strawberry jello salad with strawberries, pineapple bananas and sour cream, rolls, homemade pumpkin pie with ginger snap crust, dulce de leche homemade pumpkin pie, both with whipped cream, the latter with butterscotch chips as well, wine, sparkling cider for the kids, and whatever my daughter brings for appetizers.

  • Gary Generic

    Tofurkey! Man, I loved that unholy rubbery tooth-squeeky stuff before I was even vegetarian. Not the strictest herbivore these days, but I still love my Tofurkey!

  • ack

    Like Marlea, unless we get to the grocery store, peanut butter puffs and rotten bananas.

  • Natalie

    We eat Thanksgiving at midnight with our friends and then eat leftovers & do nothing all day Thursday. This year we’re trying a turkey basted with herb-infused duck fat, mashed potatoes, roast veggies, beer cheddar fondue, homemade breads, some kind of bacon & potato concoction someone is bringing, green beans, salad with blue cheese & cranberries. And Stove Top stuffing, because we’re high class like that.

  • Erin

    My mom is making:
    Cornbread Dressing
    Broccoli Casserole
    Dumplings (with Bacon)
    Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
    Crescent Rolls
    (Possibly a green bean dish of some sort)
    Pumpkin Cheesecake
    Robert Redford Cake

    My brother is making:
    Smoked Chili Scalloped Sweet Potatoes
    Mac and Cheese

    I am making:
    Whipped Cranberry Dressing
    Bacon Creamed Spinach
    7-Layer Jell-o

    There may be more food that I don’t know about. As far as I know, this feast is for a whopping 7 people.

  • Giamaica

    It’s thursday! Thursday == home made pizza! YEAH!

  • Giamaica

    PS: every thursday is a pizza thanksgiving for me 😉




  • DreamDevil

    Tagiatelle with Barilla Red Pesto.

  • Okram

    Deep fried turkey! So good we’re frying another one today!

  • Grilled lamb chops, Salad, and either penne with homemade basil pesto, or garlic roasted potatoes…