1. I used to do that, but it’s a lot easier to do in the kitchen sink with a flexible hose that connected to the faucet. It was a lot easier to control the cat, and I didn’t have to squat down to do it. Also, once most of the cat’s body is submerged, the warm water calms them down. They were long-haired Persians, so afterward I had to use a blow dryer to get the undercoat dry. That’s when they would start getting antsy. Each cat would take about half an hour. By the way, my cats made that same “nooo! nooo!” cry. Broke my heart every time.

    As far as fleas, he could just treat them with a topical treatment like Advantage or Frontline. That stuff was a Godsend when it came out.

  2. I had two kitties that hated each other in this house for 7 years, but one day while I gave one a bath he started screaming “nooooo! nooooo!” and the other came up and bit me on the butt!

    I’ve found my best method is to clip his claws first and then take a shower holding him. He clings to me and tucks his head in making it easy for me to avoid getting water in his ears and clean the gunk out from between his toes. He still hates it though.

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