This Weekend’s TSA Roundup

There’s only about 400 new stories from the weekend on our lovely friends with benefits at the TSA so I’ll put them in this thread.

Pilots can now skip the pat-downs and scanners but the rest of us still have to get a federally sponsored happy ending.

Members of Congress don’t have to go through TSA security.

Earlier this week, in holding a hearing with the head of the TSA, our congressional representatives didn’t seem too concerned about the public complaints about TSA security procedures: the naked scans and the gropings. Want to know why? Perhaps it’s because, on the rare occasions that they fly commercial, they get to skip security

Ron Paul wants the TSA to just go Galt already.

Slate wonders if the TSA has ever caught a terrorist? (Short answer, no, unless you count drug smugglers as terrorists.)

Another Slate piece on why Republicans are seemingly anti-TSA all of a sudden after years of keeping quiet under W.

“I used to sit around and look at these images, dial them back, and ask myself how do I take this to Capitol Hill and not be thrown out on my head?” said Blank. “When [Bush’s second TSA administrator] Kip Hawley came in [in 2005], he changed that. He saw the politics of it and deep-sixed the program. He deep-sixed it. It got revived after the Christmas bomber.”

The point about how full-body scanning got restarted is essential—it was the Obama administration picking up an idea that Republicans had cooled on. Republicans accused the administration of degrading security by dialing back war-on-terror prosecutions in the name of human rights; the response was a security measure that would affect all travelers randomly. So maybe the Drudge Report didn’t really invent a backlash against Napolitano. The backlash was inevitable. Republican trust in a sprawling and invasive security apparatus was always precarious. Its collapse leaves the TSA and the Obama administration with yet another libertarian, anti-state riot on their hands.

How the TSA Screeners feel about the new “enhanced pat downs.” (short answer, Nuremberg Defense)

Oprah’s audience reacting to news of enhanced pat downs. . (I may be wrong about that last part. Who knows what the hell Oprah’s audience is thinking.)

Blogger Bob from TSA’s blog seems to be confused between the difference of a myth and a fact.