Woman says her Lambert security screening was sexual assault

From kmov.com:

More Americans are growing angrier, over what the Transportation Security Administration, admits are more intrusive security put downs at airports.
One woman is comparing her experience at Lambert Airport to a sexual assault.

Business traveler, Penny Moroney, was flying home from St. Louis to Chicago. Like all other airline passengers, she had to go through security first. When the metal in her artificial knees set off the detectors, she had to undergo more screening. When Moroney asked if she could go through a body scanner, she was told none were available.

A pat down was the only alternative.

Moroney explains “Her gloved hands touched my breasts…went between them. Then she went into the top of my slacks, inserted her hands between my underwear and my skin… then put her hands up on outside of slacks, and patted my genitals.”

“I was shaking and crying when I left that room” Moroney says. “Under any other circumstance, if a person touched me like that without my permission, it would be considered criminal sexual assault.”

Moroney complained to the Transportation Security Administration, TSA, supervisor and then complained on the ACLU’s website.


  1. It seems to me that these must be very old artifical knees.
    Any implant whatsoever is made of titanium, which doesn’t react to magnets. This is so if you’ve had implants at 45 (because of a broken leg, say) you can still have an MRI scan when you’re 65.
    If you ever want to destroy an MRI, walk into the room with any metallic (ferrous) object, and watch it fly towards the huge electromagnet.

    My point, I think, is that the metal-detector is a bit fishy. Sounds like she beeped, and they decided after the fact (and without checking) that it was the artifical knees.

    TSA agents should be trained to know that these things do not trigger the metal detector.

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