TSA Has No Time to Train its Screeners

From The ACLU:

Today, the inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a new report (PDF), and really, the title says it all. Called “Transportation Security Administration’s Management of Its Screening Workforce Training Program Can Be Improved,” the report finds it took years to get the current passenger screening program off the ground. And when it finally did, let’s just say proper TSA screener training was not the emphasis. Well, there’s a shocker to anyone who’s been reading the news about the TSA lately.

Some gems from the report:

* “The agency does not have documented standard processes to update training based on current information, such as the results of officer testing.” (Page 3)
* “The agency also has not documented procedures to determine or allocate the equipment, support, and time needed for the workforce to complete training requirements, and provides little centralized oversight of the training program.” (Page 3)

et cetera…