Lawsuit: TSA Exposed Woman’s Breasts During Patdown

And this happened two years ago, before the new and more invasive procedures:

An Amarillo woman is suing the federal government for intentional infliction of emotional distress after Transportation Security Administration agents allegedly humiliated the woman when her breasts were publicly exposed during an “extended search” two years ago at a Corpus Christi airport.

The suit, filed earlier this year in Amarillo’s U.S. District Court, alleges the woman was singled out for “extended search procedures” while preparing to board an aircraft destined for Amarillo on May 29, 2008.

The Amarillo Globe-News has declined to identify the woman for privacy reasons.

“As the TSA agent was frisking plaintiff, the agent pulled the plaintiff’s blouse completely down, exposing plaintiffs’ breasts to everyone in the area,” the lawsuit said. “As would be expected, plaintiff was extremely embarrassed and humiliated.”

The suit said the woman filed an administrative claim against the TSA, but the agency never responded, sparking the lawsuit.

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  1. Everyone should know about “National Opt-Out Day” on Nov 24. which is one of the busiest travel days of the year. This libertarian group is asking passengers to refuse to allow them to use the airport imaging systems and ask for the pat-down instead.

    But beware. That’s just as bad. Jeffrey Goldberg has a interesting blog entry about this in “The Atlantic.”

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