1. Ah man, now I feel bad for all the crazy shit I did as a teenager – not that I did anything as nuts as these kids. Imagine the reaction of those kids’ parents, if they saw this. DAMN. You think *your* sphincter has it bad… I freak out when my kid rides a bike on wet pavement. I just can’t imagine.

  2. Here’s one I saw a while back…these kids are even more nuts. I climbed the water tower as a kid but this is a whole ‘nother level of crazy…

  3. I did something similar as a teen, except it was one of those huge stationary cranes on a construction site. Not 900 feet up (closer to 100), but the impact would have been just as lethal. What a dumbass I was.

  4. That same piece of iron girder is placed on the ground.
    You’re eighteen inches “up”.
    There’s $10,000 sitting on the end of the girder. All you have to do is pick it up and it’s yours!
    Most folks would gladly run up and down that girder.
    Add a few lousy hundred feet and people suddenly can’t walk straight!
    Seriously, though, that is really one stupid thing to do to prove you’ve got some courage.

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