Question of the Day

What city (or town, or village) are you in right now?

Cambridge, MA.


Thanks to Lucy for creating a distribution map of Cynics.

Update 2:

Big thanks again to Lucy has updated the map once again which you can embiggen by clicking here.

And I’m posting this to the top for today’s QOD because:
(a) I’m a bit busy with some work projects
(b) I get 10,000 hits a day and only 148 people have answered. What’s up with that?


    1. Very cool! Thanks for doing that! You will update it as more locations come in though eh? 🙂

      (PS For Arhus, Denmark try Aarhus, Denmark; as a regular Cynic, Le Coeur deserves to be included!)

  1. Who’s the asshat going through and disliking every comment? And, like… why?

    Fascinating to see the distribution. Hope still more folks join in!

      1. To be honest I was sleep-deprived and a little delirious and wanted to see if anyone would notice because I’m simple enough to be entertained by that sort of speculation.

        CHEEKY BOY

    1. Lived in Lafayette for a couple years and left literally like 2 months before ‘trina, fuckin’ LOVED the N.O… except for y’alls education system Louisiana fuckin’ rocks. WHO DAT?!

  2. Terre Haute, IN

    You’ve probably never heard of it, but it’s basically like the Dubai or UAE of North America. It’s easier to name the buildings that aren’t made of gold than the ones that are….no biggie though.

  3. Russell and Carly, you poor South Australians obviously can’t read (too much time working out how to kill people using interesting and unorthodox methods I suppose) but there were at least two posters from sunny Melbourne just before you…….

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