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Day November 10, 2010

We Won’t Fly

We are opposed to the full-body backscatter x-ray airport scanners on grounds of health and privacy. We do not consent to strip searches, virtual or otherwise. We do not wish to be guinea pigs for new, and possibly dangerous, technology. We are not criminals. We are your customers. We will not beg the government anymore. We will simply stop flying until the porno-scanners are history.

We will not be abused simply for the privilege of purchasing your services. We demand the airlines make their maximum lobbying effort in support of our, your customers’, rights and liberties. We are eager to fly again, but only when this invasive threat has been contained.

This scanner technology has now spilled out of the airports and into the streets. Mobile scan machines may be taking x-rays of you on the way to work or while you drive out of town on vacation. Your kids may be getting x-rayed on the bus. Soon, dangerous backscatter x-ray technology may be everywhere. Resist! Not just passively, but actively with your voice, your vote, your feet and your dollars. Our future, and that of our children, is at stake.

New words with George W. Bush: Inyuandated

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Russian Teens Climbing a 900 Foot Tower

I watched this and lost all feeling in my head.

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Rachel Ray’s Bacon Recipe

The secret ingredient is bacon.

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People Who Bought This Book….

Currently ranked #116 in the Kindle store with almost 2,000 comments.

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Today in Shitty Music

WTF? They called this music? No auto-tune? The track isn’t even sampled from anything. I don’t know who this guitarist is but he would never make it today.

Question of the Day

What city (or town, or village) are you in right now?

Cambridge, MA.


Thanks to Lucy for creating a distribution map of Cynics.

Update 2:

Big thanks again to Lucy has updated the map once again which you can embiggen by clicking here.

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Terror chief tries to board plane with banned liquids

The Baroness? Wasn’t that Destro’s girlfriend?

Britain’s anti-terror chief launched an astonishing attack on airport security staff after they stopped her taking a banned amount of liquid onto a plane.

Home Office minister Baroness Neville-Jones, in charge of national security, was en route to a Washington summit when she was found to have an over-sized aerosol can in her bag.

Strict rules for the amount of fluids permitted in hand luggage were introduced in 2006 after al-Qaeda plotters came close to blowing up seven aircraft in mid-air using liquid explosives hidden in drink bottles.

Since then only liquids of less than 100ml have been permitted in cabin bags on all flights from British and US airports.

The Baroness was ticked off by border staff, who did not recognise her. But she took offence when they told her how important security is.

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Flight attendants union upset over new pat-down procedures


PHOENIX – A flight attendants union with 2,000 members is upset over what it calls “invasive pat-downs” recently implemented by the TSA.

“We’re getting calls daily about peoples’ experiences, our members are concerned,” said Deborah Volpe, Vice President of the Association of Flight Attendants Local 66.

Volpe confirmed that the union is offering advice to its flight attendants, who mostly work for Tempe-based USAirways, involving the security moves.

According to a union email obtained by ABC15, it tells flight attendants if they opt out of using the body scanner through security and are required to undergo a pat-down to ask the pat-down be conducted in a private area with a witness.

“We don’t want them in uniform going through this enhanced screening where their private areas are being touched in public,” said Volpe. “They actually make contact with the genital area.”

Some passengers have told ABC15 they’ve already encountered flight delays due to crew members having problems with TSA employees.

American Airlines Pilots in Revolt Against the TSA

From The Atlantic:

This is a letter from Captain Dave Bates, the president of the Allied Pilots Association, which represents 11,000 American Airlines pilots, to his members, in which he calls on pilots to refuse back-scatter screening and demand private pat-downs from TSA officers. Bates’s argument is multifaceted and extremely cogent. He worries about increased exposure to radiation, of course (a big worry among commercial pilots) and he is eloquent on the subject of intentional humiliation:

Click the link above for the entire letter.

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