‘Tea partyers’ Oppose Changes to City Trash Collection

From AZCentral:

A Valley community’s decision to change the way trash is picked up provided further proof of how deeply the nation’s anti-government, “tea party”-fueled sentiment is running.

A decision by the Fountain Hills Town Council to hire a single trash hauler and begin a curbside recycling program has been met with angry protests from residents who accuse town leaders of overstepping their bounds and taking a leap toward socialism.

Some even likened it to “Obamacare” for garbage, calling it “trashcare.”

(via J-Walk)


  1. Fountain Hills, by the way, is a well-to-do Valley suburb. However the residents may regard themselves, picturing them as any kinds of revolutionaries is about as absurd as picturing Thurston Howell III in a Che Guevara t-shirt.

  2. Seeing that there’s only one Democrat on the City Council, they’re calling it the wrong names. I’m afraid that adding “care” to a controversial word will be the next criticical nickname, a la “anything-gate.”

    Mandatory recycling just makes sense. I’m surprised that any organized community doesn’t already have that program in place.

  3. Philadelphia makes recycling mandatory, which I think is great. My only complaint is that every time some drunk college kids stagger past my apartment the night before trash pickup day, I get a stern warning in my mailbox about the beer bottles and cans in my trash.
    I am running out of warnings and I am going to have to pay a fine if I can’t figure out how to stop them.

  4. I don’t see anywhere in the linked AZCentral article where the recycling is mandatory. Is it going to be? I’m assuming it’s like here in Houston, where you can put plastic, glasss and paper in your recycling bin or throw it in the regular trash however you want.

    This is from one of the T-party sites:Fountain Hills Mayor & Town Council Attempting to Eliminate Consumer Choice in Trash Collection – A System That Is and Has Worked for Many Years. Why is the Town Council trying to tell residents which trash service to use? Trying to tell residents the Town Council knows better which company is better for it’s residents? Remember that great customer service you got at the MVD the other day? Probably not. When there is a monoply and no competition, there is not incentive to excel. If you are not happy with your current trash service you can call one of the other companies, when the only option you have is the governement anointed company, you have no options. Tell the Fountain Hills Mayor and Town Council that “Contract Favortism is GARBAGE.

    Seriously, these people are angry that they can no longer choose the cheapest of five companies (ok, they say “customer service” but you know it’s about the coin). They don’t care if their neighbor’s don’t get the choice to recycle or if there will be no place to put garbage after they die.

  5. Can we ship these buttheads to a third world country with NO trash pickup and see how they deal with it? Please? How about no public running water? BTW – I thought they were tea BAGGERS? Oh – wait – they ARE!!!

    not nice not nice not nice

  6. The [un]fortunate thing is that the consequences of the more radical beliefs won’t be fully felt. We’ll always have a voice of reason who will stop things from getting too far. That is, we’ll see movement toward general dumbfuckery (like teaching religious principles in schools), but not an all-out disaster (like people dying en masse in the streets of hunger from poor economic policy).

    These tea-party people are not capable of looking at economic models and deducing the results, they only observe their own corner of reality and find someone to blame if it isn’t comfortable enough. So, until they feel the pain of no government-funded motor scooters, crumbling bridges, rampant crime, failed schools and destroyed environment, they will continue to support whatever the tea party stands for at the moment.
    Part of me secretly hopes all of these things come true so that the thinking half of the country can scream “I told you so” and we can have an historic example of why cutting government down so far that Libertarians (read: educated anarchists) are happy, is a horrible mistake.

  7. They don’t like the idea of recycling, apparently. Would they be happy if they were promised all the paper waste would be dumped into the sea, and the plastic burned in the forests?

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