Subversively move George W. Bush’s memoir to crime section in book shops

I’ve seen this pop up over the web the past few days and it seems to me that it is just punishing some clerk who works in a bookstore who will have to spend time rearranging this “subversive movement?”

Be part of a literary movement. Literally.
They did this to Tony Blair’s book and I think we should do the same here.

Subversively move George W. Bush’s memoir “Decision Points” to the crime section in book shops
It is going to be released

Make bookshops think twice about where they categorize our generation’s greatest war criminals.


  1. I agree, that won’t prove anything or change anyone’s mind. In the grocery store where I work, we used to find stickers promoting veganism and other food-based movements on our products. Dolphin-safe tuna was one we’d find until the tuna companies started putting it on their labels themselves. It just pissed off the employees, and even if it did make people think, they need to do their protesting on public property or in their own stores.

  2. Just another pathetic example of the post-modern activist. Fight the power man, with the sword of irony. (Not a sword made of sword; irony will do the trick). Mark Ames did a recent piece in “The Exile” about the “Rally to Restore Vanity” and the Daily Show mindset.

    “Collective action is the only possible way to change shit. Large numbers of collectivized nobodies rallying to demand what they want–a better cut of the pie, and a better world to live in. It’s the only thing that power-elites fear and the only way to get them to negotiate. There must be thousands of billionaires’ unions—whether the Chamber of Commerce or the gazillions of libertarian networks—and the only thing they hope and dream about and invest their effort into is planting a seed into your vain Gen-X brain that makes you think it’s lame to collectivize. That’s it, that’s the only thing they care about while they’re plundering away. You’ll have to stomach being around people who are lame, and who say lame things, and you’ll feel lame—so you’ll have to decide which is lamer: the fear of being lame, or forming an alliance with people lamer than you in order to struggle against people far meaner, far more greedy and destructive than the lame people you hate—people who have no qualms about being lame when they collectivize, so long as they destroy you and grab everything they want. Tough choice, I know.”

    1. Thanks for alerting me to that article, it was interesting! A little exaggerative, I think, but Ames puts his finger on a real problem with the efficiency of the left.

  3. I feel like it’s better to do something rather than nothing. If you have strong feelings about an issue and you make even a tiny “pathetic” effort, at least you made that effort and at least you’ve gotten some people on the internet talking about what you did.

  4. I plead guilty to a similar act – putting Glenn Beck’s books next to copies of Idiot America.

    Is anyone actually going to read that thing? I mean, we all saw the movie right? And it sucked – ran far too long.

  5. “Subversively move George W. Bush’s memoir “Decision Points” to the crime section in book shops”
    Um. Sure.
    “Excuse me, sir, where are you taking those 30 copies of G.W.B’s memoirs?”
    “Oh, don’t mind me and this handcart! I’m simply making a futile and rather idiotic political gesture! I’m sure that you’ve plenty of staff with nothing better to do than restock your shelves!”

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