1. Voted at 10:00 a.m. This is the first time I can recall where there were zero campaign people working the sidewalk. I usually look forward to the free pencils or fridge magnets but this year, nada!

  2. i’m heading over after work.
    the polling place didn’t open til after my bus leaves, and catching a later bus would have meant not getting a seat, and on a 45 minute bus trip a seat is pretty important.
    the boss is letting me head out early though to vote, so it kinda works out.

  3. I am not American but I hope people show up to vote. Love or hate Obama the Republican alternative scares me. Where I live in Jamaica for the last four plus years you only have two parties the JLP and PNP that only differ by slightly different styles of corruption. In a few weeks I will be in the UK with my husband and living under a trite bloke called Cameron that makes light work of crediting the wealthy. I am also a Canadian suffering a wee bastard we call Harper. The vote you have is so defining. It is a way of schooling those paranoid tea party junkies that the common American will not be ruled by sheer ignorance.

  4. Headed over after work. I will say the last time I voted I went to my regular polling place which was a fire station. I arrived to find a small sign taped upside-down-sidewaysish saying the polling place was somewhere else, listing the location….but without directions (the fire station had closed). Thankfully I knew where it was, but I wondered how many people just gave up at that point. Sad. Really fucking sad. Indianapolis (Marion County) IMO should have sent out something indicating the polling location had changed….but what do I know….so after that long boring answer, Yes, I am voting, where, I don’t know 🙂

  5. My husband promised me I wouldn’t have to eat sushi if I went to vote.

    I’m going to go vote, but I have to say I’m not thrilled with my choices. In many races, I vote based on who I hate less. I am much more motivated to go vote on constitutional amendments (oh the things people want to do to the constitution!) and statutory measures and whatnot. There is only one candidate I am truly excited to vote for.

  6. Both parties support the same diseased system and there is not as much difference as they’d like you to believe.

    They have some minor differences-guns, gays, abortion and whether we should borrow to stimulate the economy to fight the deficit, or if we should stagnate the economy by spending less to try to pay down the deficit. Neither approach will work in the end I’m afraid. The only reassuring thing is that the whole world is in this together. I will vote for president who has the power to nominate Supreme Court justices. I voted Obama, obviously.

    I do think I could make a cynical case for the Tea Party idiots, just ’cause their approach will destroy us a little faster. I hope what comes next won’t be fascism. But hell no, I’m not going to vote.

  7. i usually vote democratic because I’d never forgive myself if I voted republican. But this year I voted the socialist party instead of Charlie Rangal – because he’s a corrupt son of a bitch.

  8. I voted during my lunch break. My polling station is across the street from my house. It was nice to vote and see so many of my neighbors there. Such a warm and proud feeling. Almost made me forget the likely outcome.

  9. Nope, nor am I going to. If voting could change the system it would be against the law.

    Give me something worth voting for and I’m there.

  10. Voted last week. Gotta love early voting in Illinois. Of course, I wasn’t comfortable with either selection for Governor or Senator… but it beat the choices on the far right.

  11. I voted and I’ve never felt dirtier doing it. None of these people are even remotely capable of fixing anything except increasing their own prestige and power.

  12. The husband and I have started to have an “election day date” where we both take the day off work, walk to the polls in our neighborhood then go out out some place nice together afterward. I love it. I love voting and now it’s romantic too! Enjoy your election date!

  13. I am still a resident of MD and I mailed my absentee in earlier this week. I lean Republican, but I am always much more emotionally involved in my local politics. Democrats in MD has consistently screwed over my region, so I keep voting Republican.
    A pal of mine had a facebook status earlier today that said, essentially, “I am not voting, bite me” followed a few hours later by “Amendment #2 is important – everyone make sure its passes” What a douche. I guess he is a white male who never had a history of being barred from voting.

  14. Today I voted against Rand Paul. Sadly, I don’t think it will make much of a difference.
    Also, the place I had to go and vote is a church, which I just generally find odd and have a problem with.

    1. I used to find it a bit unsettling voting in a church. But I realize they are simply buildings with space available that are distributed in nearly every neighborhood. More plentiful than schools or community centers. The church I vote at is one of three used as polling places in a two block span on the same street. But I prefer when they get a bit creative – like my last district where I voted at a golf course. That was a hoot!

  15. I’m a Florida voter. It looks like Clinton wasted his breath. Rubio took over 51% of the vote as of 9pm so it wouldn’t have made a difference if Meek had dropped out.

    1. As of this morning Rubio ended up with 49%, and we still don’t have a governor. With 99% of the polls reporting the difference between Rick Scott and Alex Sink is around 50,000 votes. Yay, another Florida recount…

  16. I love going to the polls, so I voted this morning. I’m in CA, so I gladly voted for Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer. The two CEOs wasted a lot of their own money, I believe. I voted No on Prop. 19 not for rational reasons, but because of the abuse of marijuana messed up my daughter, her two husbands, and the three kids. It CAN do harm. Also, the proposition has some big flaws. Now. Will all the cynics throw vicious insults my way the way the J-Walk readers did? I hope you cynics are more civilized.

  17. Made it to the polls with 2 minutes to spare because of work nonsense. I live in CA and am wanting to know how many of the millions of stoners in this state will wake up tomorrow ready to vote on prop. 19 only to come to the realization, “Dude, that was yesterday…?”

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