1. So from this guy’s interviews, I’ve come to the realization that anyone at rallies or being interviewed looks like an idiot. That’s why I stay home and keep my opinions to myself.

  2. I give this guy credit for not just showing the wackos that show up at Right-wing rallies. I expected him to only show the informed people with sensible, positive views in this one.

  3. The only good source of news is the BBC, which runs on PBS. I’ve also watched a bit of al-jazeera on youtube, and i didn’t find any “islamo-fascist” slant to it. American news shows in general suck, if they’re not pushing a political viewpoint, they’re informing you of crimes instead of stuff that actually affect you.

    1. I agree, BBC (radio that is) is probably the best. What I can’t stand about US news (beside the ads) is the punditry that doesn’t discuss anything. One just waits for the other to finish so he can bark back his position. Wait, nobody lets anybody finish it seems.

      Democracy Now has some value, but it too is so one-sided it is a joke–to say nothing of their vomitshit bumper music. Actually, Democracy Now is darn near unwatchable.

      NewsHour PBS is sometimes worthwhile.

      Livestation charges 5 bucks a month for Al Jazeera streaming and it is worth every penny. Their commercials are 10 seconds max and dont come on often at all. Very rarely. A lot of in depth stuff, too.

  4. Interesting. It’s no surprise that most people are morons. Doing a cheap hackish (stolen from Stern) “Jay-walking” bit isn’t that hard, but I think these guys didn’t cross that line.

    Irony portrayed by stupidity is low hanging fruit, but sometimes if that’s the soundbites you’re getting… To make it a little more balanced they should have asked, ‘why are you really here” because probably 50% or more were there to get stoned and laid.

  5. Well, this confirms that no matter the political leaning, a little bit of selective editing can make any party look like morons 🙂
    Now I’ll flog myself for laughing at those Tea Party interviews and sharing them.

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