1. this guy bothers me, sure, but he’s no pat robertson.
    pat robertson evokes actual hate from me, this guy just evokes sighs and hrumphs.

  2. HWJV? (How would Jesus Vote?)
    There’s nothing that I know of in the Bible about voting. When God asks who you voted for, and he doesn’t “accept” the answer, then what? Maybe you get a refurbed harp that doesn’t stay in tune.

    1. This is pretty much exactly what I was going to say. I’m betting God would tell people like this, “I know your heart was in the right place, but boy did you screw things up. Your actions in my name did more damage to Christianity than anything the devil could have ever done.”

  3. @ Brian – yeah what is up with that? I always thought I was born without some special gland that let me do the same thing. I’m still wanting to know about the “plan” everyone keeps talking about… needless to say my dad is convinced I am going to hell.

  4. Yep, God’s all about democracy. That’s why the Bible vigorously condemns slavery and encourages the virtues of the human right to self-government.

    Oh, wait..

  5. O wait– Something someone said gave me this hit: God is the grown-up”s imaginary friend?!!!!! I wonder how many atheists vs believers had imaginary friends as kids? Me, I just had multiplemes.

  6. In the video and on their site, they have a map of the US with blue states and light blue states. What do the colors mean? Their map needs a legend.

  7. It’s Santa. He knows when you’ve been bad or good – and he’ll reward you with presents if you’re not naughty. At a certain point, though, we tell children that Santa isn’t real. Probably because it becomes so difficult for them to buy it anymore.
    It’s interesting to think about the reasons why parents encourage belief in a magical bearded man who lives “up there” and sees everything we do, and rewards us with presents when we’re good and punishes us (with a lump of coal) when we’re bad. It’s prep for church. God and Santa serve almost the exact same purpose, but one of them is sort of like the training deity.

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