Rand Paul Supporters Stomp Liberal Activist

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Looks like another tea party member has identified the man who wrestled her to the ground.

Update 2:

The stomper has been identified:

A Rand Paul supporter is apologizing after he was seen on video stepping on a liberal activist’s head.

Tim Profitt, a volunteer with the Republican’s U.S. Senate campaign, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the camera angle made the scuffle Monday night appear worse that it was. He criticized police for not stepping in and says other supporters warned authorities about the activist.

Lauren Valle, a 23-year-old with the group MoveOn.org, was wrestled to the ground by Paul supporters when she tried to confront the tea party favorite with a fake award. Valle said Tuesday she was sore and swollen.

The Paul campaign cut ties with Profitt, removing him from his role as Bourbon County campaign coordinator and banning him from campaign events.


  1. Perhaps they interpretted her wig to mean that she was a “terrorist threat”?

    I guess I’m just wondering how the dudes stomping her are going to justify it later on. This story should not go away until some important questions have been answered.

  2. Even for the Right, that’s unbelievable. This is the same party that bitched about the Black Panthers silently standing outside a polling station back in ’08.

    1. Silently standing? Try wielding weapons, dress in pseudo-military garb and actively intimidating would be voters.

      You can hardly compare this action with that. The activist here was dressed in a disguise, forcing her way to get close to a high profile political candidate, trying to hand him some unknown object. Were they supposed to silently watch him in what appeared to be a possible assassination attempt? Imagine the reaction of the handlers if with was someone far more high profile than Rand Paul. If it was Obama or any ex-president the woman would be lucky to be alive.

      Also there was no stomping of the head, there was pressure applied to the shoulders to subdue her in a non-life-threatening matter.

      1. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather have someone wield a weapon and make threats than wrestle me to the ground and step on my head.

        Were they supposed to silently watch him [HER, not him] in what appeared to be a possible assassination attempt?

        That’s really stretching the truth. It was clearly NOT an assassination attempt, so they would still have been be wrong. Bystanders don’t have the right to tackle a stranger for carrying a sign. That’s what cops and security are for. If the jackasses that protest abortion clinics are protected from physical abuse, I’d say this woman’s rights were violated to say the least.

      2. Those two “activists” were shooed away by the police. If you didn’t watch Fox and get your news only from the internet, you would know that.

        If wearing a wig means that you should be stomped, then a lot of Tea-baggers should be stomped. Rand Paul isn’t a “high profile political candidate”, he’s a political candidate. And we used to live in country where you could approach candidates without fearing for your life.

        No stomping?? “Pressure!?” That was CLEARLY stomping! Come on! That guy should be arrested for assault.

        Basically, your side has shown its true colors. You want to go to political rallies with guns strapped to your side, support candidates who say that if your candidates don’t get elected, than people should resort to “2nd Amendment remedies.” But you will not tolerate anyone with differing opinions who only wants to approach and talk to a candidate who want to represent ALL of us in the US Congress.

        Face it. You don’t believe in Democracy. You believe in fascism — which is rule by the a armed constituency with a maniacal, irrational need to follow authoritarian figure who will push around anyone you don’t like.

      3. LOL, dude you are hilarious. Do you wear a troll costume when you post or just go with imagination. Reason I say you’re a troll is because you really can’t be that fucking stupid in real life can you?

  3. another thing, we can not deny the possibility that the whole thing was staged to stir up resentment against the conservatives, the Tea Party, and the like

    1. Using this same logic, we could not deny the possibility that the black panthers were staged to stir up resentment against the democratic party.

    2. If it’s staged, I’d say it was staged by conservatives who follow the tactics of Karl Rove, who has a long sordid history of playing weird political dirty tricks. For example, he planted a bug in his own office and claimed he was being bugged. The police investigated and figured out it was him. Mystifyingly, the Republicans didn’t disown him, but embraced him. And he went on to do more things like that throughout his career.

      I’m not saying that a Democrat isn’t capable of that. But they are drummed out immediately. Republicans, on the other hand, revere them.

    3. We also can’t deny the possibility that it was aliens trying to infiltrate our political system, but somehow I get the feeling that both are just a tad unlikely.

  4. Re-watching the video, I also noticed the guy standing on her leg. This group of men couldn’t hold a woman by the arms? They had to wrestle her on top of a curb and step on her to “subdue” her? Please.

    I say all they are missing are armbands, jack-boots, and a nifty symbol for their cause.

  5. It seems they’ve knocked her down, stepped on her face, and slandered her name all over the place. They do anything that they want to do, but honey lay off of them blue suede shoes! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  6. I found this kind of disturbing until I read the clarifying comment that it was simply a problem with the “camera angle.” Well, I feel better now!

  7. I love his excuse that it was all the police’s fault for not stopping him in his stupor of rage.

    Does that mean he takes police officers with him wherever he goes just so they can restrain him incase, I don’t know, the staff at McDonalds get his orders wrong?

  8. I’ll cop to being a RON Paul supporter in the past and still appreciating that he’s at least more genuine in his actions than most other politicians. I’ve a strange mix of political opinions and really don’t like to be associated with one side or the other, but Ron Paul was interesting. That said, I’ll say that one thing that must be realized about groups like the tea party is that they are more diverse than people give them credit for. There are tragic, foolish jackasses like those on this video, and some others that really just believe that things have gone wrong and want to make them right through proper political channels. Unfortunately, the “movement” has been hijacked by the jerks and all the credibility of the organization – and many like it – is all but gone.
    It’s reasonably important to remember that as the republicans have the racist idiots who pull shit like this, the democrats have eco-nuts who commit acts of terrorism that does end in lives being lost. It’s just sad that some people who are really good folks who are just interested in keeping their way of life get tarred with the same brush as the criminals that pulled this stunt.

    1. It would be nice to see, even if I didn’t agree with your politics, for, instead of coming on the internet to declare, “We’re not all like that!”, someone to get up on the stage, and call these whackjobs what they are. Some handy phrases might be, “You are making us look like idiots — STOP IT!! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!” or “Do you know they think we’re all morons because of you? Do you think this is helping?”

      I mean, until you do that, you get what you get.

      1. Which politician would ever come out and commit political suicide by lumping in all their supporters with the idiots?
        “Hey all you people who are really motivated and support me, stop acting like idiots” denouncing the specific people involved is of course a good idea.

      2. I didn’t necessarily mean the politicians, although the article says Rand Paul’s team dismissed the head-stomping guy, and he’s a little miffed by that reaction. He thought he was being a hero, and that’s how 180 degrees these people are from getting their message across, if it’s got anything positive to it at all.

        I am referring to these small, yet firm voices I hear from time to time on the internet (and I don’t visit political sites, I just see it when it comes up on sites more like this), along the same political lines, but without the hysteria, who insist that they are nothing like that, it is our fault for highlighting these utter lunatics. In my opinion, it’s because they’re there. If you don’t like the poor image of your party, motivate them to go about things in a positive way. It’s “we the people,” if you believe something politically and your party is damaged by fearful, deluded morons, speak to them about it, change their mind, encourage them to go about it differently, less insanely. You don’t, maybe because sanity is not appealing to them, they’re not open to good sense all around. The movers and the shakers of the tea party movement are Cuh-RRRRaaazy. If there’s any sense to this party, it’s made invisible, and if you want it to be more visible, you got to push the crazy down, tell them to stifle.

    2. Everyone is a Ron Paul fan — at first. But once you actually READ what this guy REALLY stands for, then you realize he’s an extremist who uses pretty language in person to cover up the anti-government (except for in the case of a woman’s uterus, or stem-cell research, or euthanasia — then he’s all for the government jack-booting its way into our lives) extremist that he really is.

    3. “…the democrats have eco-nuts who commit acts of terrorism that does end in lives being lost.”

      — How many eco-terrorist have their been? And how many lives have been lost. And name ONE DEMOCRATIC terrorist eco-nut that has been cheered by any Democrat anywhere? Name a blog. Name a politician. Name any Democrat anywhere. I bet you can’t site ONE.

      Whereas, while Paul fired the guy, I didn’t hear the Paul campaign really condemning this guy. But I did hear Fox and the Right Wing blogosphere and this guy say this was blown out of proportion and this woman was asking for it.

      Nor have we heard Republicans condemning ANY of the many idiots who have been doing a plethora of other racist or aggressive things, like carrying guns to demonstrations, or carrying signs with pictures of Obama with a bone through his nose. Or saying that Obama isn’t born in this country. Or that the Black Panthers are stealing the election. That there are death panels. That there should be 2nd Amendment remedies if the Republicans don’t get elected. I could go on and on with crazy stuff that Republicans haven’t denounced. There is no contest here.

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