1. I’m more sick of celebrities in general and celebrity culture. I wish people would stop worshiping movie stars and reality show stars. Most of them are vain, narcissistic trolls who at worst despise their fans and at best feel indifference towards them.

  2. I do find Neelix a tad annoying, but most celeb chefs are pretty much off my radar. It’s only really only the odd headline about Gordon ‘Fucker’ Ramsey, which I could live without but which aren’t ubiquitous enough to make me sick.

    1. Another hit from the spice weasel? BAM!

      Don’t get excited kids, this thing’s got heart shaped nostrils. Want to see it make a star?

  3. Depends on the “chef”, I guess. I don’t go out of my way to watch most of them, but will still watch Alton Brown if a topic catches my attention. The gang over on PBS are much better than 90% of the cast over on Food Network.

  4. I do like Anthony Bourdain, who is more of a food critic than a chef these days, and never really fell into that “celebrity chef” cultural chasm. At the very least, even if they’re irritating, most celebrity chefs at least have some kind of useful combination of talent and skill.

  5. i like Bourdain because he’s a bastard. Alton Brown is awesome because it’s fucking science.

    Most of the others can suck it hard and long. Shut up Rachel Ray!

  6. not really,but i do get a little annoyed that the least complicated thing they make on t.v. is still way more complicated than anything i actually eat.

  7. Relative to the culture of celebrity? I guess I’m echoing John above, but at least these chefs have skills and produce goods and services, so I would say they should be last up against the wall when the revolution comes.

    I am a little tired of Food Network being so competition based, and largely consist of challenges involving building elaborate sugar structures and carrying them from place to place as opposed to shows that teach you how to cook something. I’m enjoying the spinoff “Cook TV” or whatever that runs Galloping Gourmet reruns, etc.

    Also? I think Rachel Ray does more good for public health and fighting the stranglehold that corporations have on our diets than any of the other public figures mentioned, so I’m in her corner.

  8. Not having cable (well we do get the local broadcast stations over cable) I am remarkably insulated from celebrity chefs. But I am sick of the celebrity worship I see in society today.

  9. ‘Celebrity’ chefs are without a doubt the most annoying men on TV! I really think they should be reminded that they JUST COOK FOOD! They are not changing the world or bettering lives! They are just jumped up, egotistical little pricks who seem to think they are a cut above the rest of us! For some baffling reason they have it in their heads that they are artists or on a par with some of the most creative minds we have today! YOU JUST COOK FOOD!

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