• Mike K

    Heads up guys… she’s single!!!

    Really, at first I thought, so what? A lot of people have rats as pets. That opinion lasted about 20 seconds.

  • Stephen

    “His hands are in prayer”..I lol

  • Okram

    I wonder whether that dead rat was that fat or just bloated from being dead for 4 weeks?

    • lucy

      As someone who has had to trap animals, and on a few occasions forgot to check the traps for a couple days, I can confirm with considerable confidence that the rat is bloated from decomp

      • lucy

        I forgot to mention that the smell is probably pretty overwhelming at that stage, even if she has managed to keep the insects off of it

  • Julia S.

    I stopped at “I can see God in their eyes, they are so innocent” Had to stop and gag. New Age Extermination chaser anyone?

  • Rats are actually great pets and I wouldn’t mind having one. This video however jumps the shark from semi normal to downright weird when we get introduced to her 4 week old dead rat.

    • MadRat

      Can’t argue with you there. She seemed a little odd but had me agreeing with her… until she pulled out the dead rat.

  • pvc

    I felt like…well, a rat for laughing at that so hard. There must be some incredibly sad backstory to that lady.

  • Koneko

    I kept a dead pet guinea pig in the freezer one winter until the ground thawed enough to bury her that spring… but I did not take her out and kiss her. O_O

  • Macon

    I wonder, how does she keep the dead rat from decomposing? Does she keep it frozen and thaw it out when she feels the desire to kiss it? Did she get someone to embalm it?

  • I’d be more impressed if she kept rats as livestock. “New food for a starving world.”

  • Danno

    My favorite is “Exterminators give them a bad name.” Yeah, that and ummn – bubonic plague.

  • Ross

    I used to have pet rats. Nothing new.