1. Wonderful video (especially the cats in the background).

    We don’t want an average Joe (or Jolene) in the Senate, we want the best of us, the smartest of us, the wisest, (dare I say it?) the elite.

    When did being an exceptional politician and an intelligent person become a handicap?

  2. No kidding. Would you hire someone to do heart surgery on yourself or someone to pilot an aircraft in which you’re going to be riding based on how much the job candidate resembles you? Of course not, but politicians have been using this approach for years. Why? 1), Because it’s way easier than actually having thoughtful policy positions and 2), because people are so stupid that it actually works.

    1. To be fair, it’s also because elected representatives are arguably ‘supposed’ to represent you (or at least your interests), especially in America. (There’s a lot of room for debate over that, but it’s definitely a mainstream interpretation of democracy.)

  3. This is not a new thing- populism has been and always will be at least part of American politics. There are a lot of voters out there that don’t have the time/inclination to deal with statistics, or really concentrated thought about the impacts of the enforcement of their beliefs. It’s easier to yell about immigrants “coming for our jobs,” than it is to have a frank conversation about the role that American capitalism has played in keeping their home countries impoverished. It’s easier to yell about “welfare queens” than talk about how our economic model feeds on making the rich richer and keeping the poor from crawling out of their ghettos (and I don’t used that word in the popular sense). It’s simpler to yell about patriotism and supporting troops than to consider that this war has only inspired more terrorists/anti-American thought, and hasn’t even done the one job that war is good for: fixing a broken economy.

    During the election season, there is an entire group of people (who vote!) who have never had to think about policy implications (like that nationalized health care would reduce the burden on companies, thus allowing for more prosperous businesses and employees), and there is always a politician standing around willing to dumb anything down enough to mean whatever that voter wants. (Don’t like how long it takes to mail your letters across the country? You’ll hate communist health care!”)

    And let’s not stand back and think it’s only the Republicans, it’s everyone who has ever run for office. I had really hoped that Obama would be the first one to speak to me like a grown and literate adult, but that has even come apart in favor of sound bytes and slogans. I don’t know what the solution is, but I will say that I’ve already heard too many Jerry Springerized Cross of Gold speeches this season.

  4. holy crap that was really funny.
    “i’ve been wearing the same pants since friday, nobody like me should ever be in the senate, ever!”

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